7Up Tropical Twist

(Spotted by Andrew S at Metro in Canada.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN CANADA: 7Up Tropical Twist”

  1. Very reminiscent of pineapple crush but a bit less sweet (maybe that’s the papaya on the box). It’s one of those flavours that if you didn’t like it at first try, it will grow on you. Interesting that it appears now, as the summer varieties from everyone else (Coke Raspberry, Orange Sherbet, Vanilla, Cherry Zero, Canada Dry Lemonade, Pepsi Real Lime Juice, Black Cherry Pepsi Slurpee) are starting to vanish. The other new items appear to be retro packaging for 7 Up and Pepsi (70s and 80s packaging).

  2. Also seeing Pepsi Throwback make a 12pk return alongside this. Stock up while it’s around. Saw an April 2019 bb date.

  3. Seconded on the Throwback in addition to the 7up Tropical Twist I shot here. Both seem to be showing up in tandem everywhere here in Canada starting around the 23rd or so. I was down to my last 3 Canada 150 Throwback cans, so this was more than welcome!

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