Oreo Joyfills

Cadbury Joyfills

They look like Krave Cereal. I wonder how these would do in a bowl of milk. (Spotted by Rachel C at Sainsbury’s in the United Kingdom.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM: Oreo and Cadbury Joyfills”

  1. Maybe people in other countries feel the same way about America, but I always feel like Europe and Asia always get the better food items than we do in America in terms of unique varieties of flavors or concoctions. I feel like we get the most bland options in America of things like candy, oreo and kit kat flavors, fast food menu items, cold cereals, etc.

    1. I can assure you, you can delete the “maybe” in you sentence. 😀

      It really is the exact same for people in Europe, when it comes to all the “good” (actually more “bad” since it’s always candy or snacks xD) stuff you guys can buy in the U.S.

      There are so much variables and reasons, why the flavors in each country differ so much and there will always be flavors/items you wish to get in your country (thanks to the internet it’s often possible, but the costs are sometimes way too high xD), but you never get it or you get it in a completely different version (e.g. U.S. Cereal is almost always corn based and european cereal often wheat based; just because it is/was cheaper to use wheat as base in europe xD; that and the difference in not using corn sirup as sweetener makes our golden grahams completely different from yours).
      But it’s not like one country or continent (i mean europe and asia aren’t countries ;)) get’s better or worse stuff. It’s often just stuff you’re not used too, ’cause the flavor profile often repeats within the countries. Especially when we talk about asian countries and western countries. I guess matcha and green tee are very common flavors in japan and they crave for some BBQ and Oreo Flavor, while we think “i would actually love to try a rose flavored kitkat” xD

      Long story short: Just look at this site and all the other instagram accopunts related to new food products. You guys get enough and also really awesome foods in your grocery stores. 😀
      Maybe somteimes a bit too much, which often let it seems there is more “bad” stuff, than really exciting new food, but still enough 😉


      1. But, I have to travel to the UK to get my McDonalds fried pies! Ok, that is not the only reason I travel 7 hours over the ocean but I do wish the fried pies would come back to the US.

        1. You mean the fried apple pie? Then can also come to Germany 😉

          But that is what I mean… yeah the apple pie is okeyish and maybe some would love to have them back in the US, but we in Germany/Europe e.g. would love to finally have Taco Bell here… and that is just the tip of the iceberg… i mean all the ben & jerry’s flavors? Cereal? xD

          So: There is always something you would love to have, but is just available in other countries (McRib anyone? ;)). That doesn’t mean, that there aren’t great things in your country too, you maybe just got too used to. 😀


        2. I find it crazy that pies in the US are baked not fried. the pies are my favourite thing about mcdonalds – give all the other ‘extreme’ kinds of food we see in the US (as outsiders visiting) it seems so silly to ruin this staple product! You get WAY better Oreos, ours are boring and also lacking in filling. Also, I LOVE Trix and there is nothing like it in the UK – but thats because there are laws against the kind of additives and colours that are used! Which is ok in moderation for those of us who buy it imported so not very often – but the lack of regulation about ingredients in US food is quite worrying on the whole. And then it’s interesting when my US based friends think UK crisp flavours are weird – like the meat ones 🙂 We also don’t have ‘grape’ flavour here, which i also love (well, at least not the artificial ‘doesn’t taste like grapes’ version – which i like). We quite often get a product but lack in the selection of flavours (Halo top, ben and jerrys).

          ive not tried these joyfills but i hear they are bland and dry.

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