FAST FOOD NEWS: ICEE Pink Unicorn at Target

ICEE Pink Unicorn at Target

I wish I could ask a unicorn what “unicorn flavor” is supposed to taste like. Oh, unicorns don’t speak? They’re magical beings, of course, they can speak. That horn isn’t just for show. It absorbes the sound waves from our voices and translates it to unicorn speak. It also telepathically translates what the unicorn is saying into human language.

That’s what my My Little Ponies told me after I licked them.

While there is no consensus what unicorn flavor is supposed to be, according to @ReneBarba89, who sent in the photo, he told this ICEE is watermelon flavored.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

2 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: ICEE Pink Unicorn at Target”

  1. Just had it last night. Omg I did not expect it to be SO good. Trust me I’ve had all icee flavors, this is my favorite one, ever. Even the consistency was better than the cherry one next to it. I hope they keep this flavor!

  2. So my kids got so excited and I was going to be the best dad ever only to get to Target and see that they don’t have it yet AND no one seemed to know anything about it. FAIL.

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