COMING SOON: Dunkin’ Donuts Shot in the Dark

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Dunkin’ Donuts Shot in the Dark line is a new ready-to-drink beverage from the donut chain. It’s the first canned coffee drink from the brand, and it follows the bottled iced coffee line it released about two years ago. Like the bottled line, the Coca-Cola Company will manufacture and distribute the canned coffee.

Shot in the Dark features Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee with a touch of cream and sugar that’s combined with espresso. The line has three flavors –- Caramel, Mocha, and Vanilla. Each variety comes in an 8.1-ounce can that has 80 calories and 13 grams of sugar.

For you caffeine-heads, the caramel one has 134 milligrams of caffeine, while the mocha has 128 milligrams, and vanilla has 127 milligrams.

The Dunkin’ Donuts Shot in the Dark line is available now at select retail locations. It will continue to expand through 2019 at convenience and grocery stores across the United States.

(Image via Dunkin’ Donuts.)

5 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Dunkin’ Donuts Shot in the Dark”

  1. It’s really annoying that all these types of drinks add sugar, i dont have sugar in my coffee! Nescafe has a canned ice coffee in the UK ( not sure if you have it) that had a nitro effect when you open the can – but it has sugar! I had a hazelnut starbuck ready made coffee in paris last year and it was so nice – hazlenut is lacking from iced coffee bought off the shelf it seems

  2. Aaaaaaaand this is why the word donuts was dropped from the name. “Time to make the donuts” used to be their tagline, now donuts are an afterthought.

  3. I really like these coffees – the caramel is my favorite! I noticed the back of the can states they’re made in Japan. I’m wondering if since this is Coca Cola manufactured could it be possible these aren’t really Dunkin and are instead Coke’s Georgia branded coffee wrapped in a Dunkin can? Georgia coffee is only sold in Japan and is a huge seller in the convenience stores there (and it’s super good). Just something that struck me when I saw they were made in Japan.

  4. I just bought a Dunkin Donuts Shot In The Dark, I just noticed it’s made in Japan!!! If DD can’t make their products here I’ll shop where they do. What a bad downfall of a once great business

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