On the second day of The Impulsive Buy’s Season of Giving 2018, we are offering:

One $10 Walgreens Gift Card

Hey look! I went to a Walgreens! Actually, there’s one within running distance from my home. I was so desperate to get more gift cards for this year’s Season of Giving that I went running. Why did I go running when I could’ve drove there? Well, it’s not only the Season of Giving, it’s also the Season of Gluttony — Thanksgiving, holiday parties, New Year’s Eve, Tuesdays. A lot of food is being consumed, especially on Tuesdays, so I could use the exercise.


To enter this prize drawing for a $10 Walgreens Gift Card, leave a comment with THIS post. You can write whatever you want, but please don’t forget to fill out the email field because we’ll be emailing the randomly selected winner for his or her mailing address.

IMG 5169

We will stop accepting entries on December 18, 2018 at 9:00 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older.

Good luck and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to find out what we’re giving away and if I did more running!

FINE PRINT: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you emails about how you can get Christmas cash NOW. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you Australia’s hottest firefighters calendar. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail or damaged mail.

244 thoughts to “TIB’S SEASON OF GIVING 2018: DAY 2”

  1. There’s a Walgreens within running distance from my home too! (Not that I’ve ever tried running there…)

  2. I think there might be a Walgreens within running distance of everyone. And odds are at that intersection, one of the other corners has a CVS.

  3. Random Trivia: Fredric Baur invented the Pringles can. When he passed away in 2008, his ashes were buried in one.

    1. Merry Christmas, or happy holidays. Whatever you celebrate may food fill your table and love fill your heart.

  4. I always walk to Walgreens in the winter so I can get warmed up before I walk back home. (No jogging for me!) If I get the gift card, I’ll buy something for a change.

  5. STARBURST FRUIT TWISTS WAS THE BEST LICORICE EVER!!!!!!!!……you said we could say “Anything”

  6. Or you can do like I do…run on a treadmill and watch Holiday bake off on the food network. It’s cheaper than buying gift cards, but as a reader, we do appreciate this more 🙂

  7. hope I win I have been a longtime on and off viewer of this site for a long time, periodically checking back to see anything new

  8. Walgreens has specialty items like target are the holiday. I wanna get some of those Christmas candies only they have

  9. There are NEVER this many people who comment! Hopefully some of you stay after the contests are over. Otherwise you’re just abuncha moochers! Lol I want the gift card to buy snacks!

  10. I love Walgreens. It’s about a ten minute drive….a little too far for me to run.
    Thank you again for another fun giveaway!

  11. Is walgreens doing those fruitcake brach’s nougats this year? By the time I ran out, they’d seriously grown on me.

  12. This many comments proves how many true lurkers there are on this website. Just need a little something free to make them come out of the shadows.

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