SPOTTED: Pop-Tarts Cereal

Pop Tarts Cereal

This isn’t the first Pop-Tarts cereal. That honor goes to Pop-Tarts Crunch. But consider this cereal the reboot. (Spotted by Meghan at Walmart.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Pop-Tarts Cereal”

    1. That’s essentially what they are. I tried the Strawberry Pop-Tarts cereal a few days ago. It’s okay eating them dry, but I will say the flavor really comes out well in milk. They are actually borderline addicting once you eat them in milk. Not as good as the original Pop Tarts cereal from the early 90’s, but still a very good release nonetheless.

  1. I was excited until I realized it wasn’t the *Frosted* Strawberry I remember from my youth-ish days.

  2. I hate when what you get is not what you expected…I expected the cereal to resemble Pop Tarts.

    1. Yeah, I hear ya. I mean this new release is still very good and tastes great in milk. It’s just not the same consistency of the 90’s Pop Tart Cereal. It’s definitely more like a Krave cereal piece that has a little bit of frosting and strawberry filling innards. I’m sure most re-releases of products from the 90’s wouldn’t taste exactly the same due to major brands re-using things where ever they can save money. It’s really a shame major brands short change the public like that.

    2. You may like the other new product they have out now, Pop-tarts Bites. They come in little snack packs of like 10 pieces, and do look like miniature pop tarts. They’re pretty cute.

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