On the twelfth day of The Impulsive Buy’s Season of Giving 2018, we are offering:

One Mystery Box

I could give you a hint about what’s in the Mystery Box, but as of right now I’m not even sure what’s going to be in the Mystery Box. Diapers? Sweets I’ve gotten for Christmas that I don’t intend to eat? A Mystery Envelope inside a Mystery Box? I dunno yet.


To enter this prize drawing for a Mystery Box, leave a comment with THIS post. You can write whatever you want, but please don’t forget to fill out the email field because we’ll be emailing the randomly selected winner for his or her mailing address.

We will stop accepting entries on December 28, 2018 at 9:00 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older.

Just a note: If you post a comment but it’s not showing up, it ended up in our comment spam folder for some strange reason. There’s no need to attempt to post another comment. I’ll be pulling those comments out of the comment spam vortex throughout the day.

Good luck and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to find out what we’re giving away!

FINE PRINT: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you emails about how to do how-tos. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you the warm breath of a baby dragon bottled in an ancient stone carved vessel. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail or damaged mail.

239 thoughts to “TIB’S SEASON OF GIVING 2018: DAY 12”

  1. I really want this, but if I can’t have it, at least, send me the warm breath of a baby dragon bottled in an ancient stone carved vessel.

  2. I’m excited to see what the mystery box is. Thanks again for the chance to win. Happy Holidays!

  3. I hope it’s not Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake inspired, there’s enough of those in prison

  4. I have a six year old who loves lol and littlest pet shop. I’m over mystery, but I like free!

  5. “She seems mysterious, so I’ll call her Mystery. Come to think of it, she also seems graceful and majestic. Maybe I should call her Grace, or Majesty,
    or Debbie.”
    Spongebob squarepants
    I missed da other days so this be last chance boulavard mon frer. All i got be spongebob quotes. Happy holidays errbody.

  6. I really hope it’s a majestic purple unicorn frolicking with an elaborately mustachioed T-Rex…

  7. Mystery box, Mystery box. What’s inside the mystery box?
    Thank you Super Simple songs for putting that in my head, forever.

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