SPOTTED: Devour Pizzas

Devour Pizza Three Way Pepp x2
Devour Pizza The Three Way Pepp
Devour Pizza The Carnivore x2
Devour Pizza The Carnivore
Devour Pizza The Creamy Garlic Supreme
Devour Pizza The Creamy Garlic Supreme
Devour Pizza The Ultimate Sausage  Peppers
Devour Pizza The Ultimate Sausage & Peppers

I knew this day would come. Octagon-shaped pizzas. (Spotted by Daniel N at Lowes and Bob K at Giant Eagle.)

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14 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Devour Pizzas”

  1. I am not a frozen pizza person at all but I’d like to try these since the Devour line is the only frozen foods I think are not only edible but actually good.

  2. Assuming the pizza does not come pre-sliced into eight pieces, I can see the utility in having octagon-shaped pizzas. Artistically-challenged people such as myself can’t draw anything well, and that can be extended to include pushing a pizza cutter neatly and evenly through a circular pizza. With this octagonal pizza, I can at least start at one corner and aim the pizza cutter at the opposite corner. This may very well improve my chances of getting even-sized slices.

    These pizzas are at Lowes? I have seen frozen pizzas at Menards, but not Lowes or Home Depot. Interesting.

    1. Yeah Lowe’s actually operates a grocery store chain under the Lowe’s Foods name. I’ve yet to shop at one since they’re a bit out of the way for me.

  3. I’m truly surprised that it took this long and a campaign with the UFC. I would have thought that ABC could have done this with a tie to “LOST” and the Dharma Initiative. 😉

  4. I JUST threw away most of this pizza and here is why. The sauce is like a very “bland” spaghetti sauce and since this is a Krafft company product it’s loaded with their Parmesan cheese. I really wish food companies would stop assuming everyone in the world is in LOVE with Parmesan cheese and Krafft is the worst.
    The sauce ruined the pizza for me. As for the crust…….IMHO and in a word? Bland
    I actually called the company and offered suggestions and wanted NOTHING from them. There are WAY and I mean WAY better frozen pizza’s out there. I guess this is a “personal taste” thing and it really IS but …. steer clear of this product unless you like bland sauce and crust. AND…..if you are not a Parmesan cheese person then run, don’t walk away from this one.

  5. This pizza is of worse quality than Red Baron, at nearly double the price. Don’t buy it.

  6. We had the meat pizza today and found it to be quite good. I found it at PUBLIX Supermarket.

    1. I was so pis*** when I opened the box and saw the size of the carnivore pizza. I am tired of pizza boxes misleading customers as to the actual size of pizza inside. Nothing special about the pizza, wouldn’t buy another one. Tastes like a cheap red baron pizza.

  7. I actually searched out a way to let you know this is a horrible frozen pizza

  8. I actually purchased the carnivore at my local grocery store and bit into a flippin SCREW!! Yeah,a dang screw! Who does this!? I’ve got pictures!

  9. Tried the Garlic creamy sauce supreme yesterday and this has to be one of the worst frozen pizza’s i’ve ever had:-(
    Very Bland, tasteless and the crust was very cardboardish, i got on sale at publix for $5.00 and figured i would give it a try; Walmart brand frozen pizza’s are 10 times as good as Devour.

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