SPOTTED: General Mills Mermaid Cereal

General Mills Mermaid Cereal

I can’t believe this doesn’t have MERshmallows. (Spotted by Robbie at Target.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: General Mills Mermaid Cereal”

  1. That looks like apple jacks cereal in a different shape. Congrats! I think this takes the award for the most laziest cereal ever! It said fruit flavor but doesn’t mention which fruits are the flavors. They should had be more creative by coloring it differently, flavor it differently, and add marshmallows.

  2. It’s getting harder and harder to bet excited for new cereals like this. They usually just end up disappointing in terms of taste. These look like they will be just as bland tasting as the Super Mario cereal from last year. But at least the Mario cereal had marshmallows in it to sweeten the cereal. These look like they won’t have a strong taste at all.

    “Naturally fruit flavored sweetened corn puff” – Yeah, that’s exactly what consumers who would buy this type of cereal don’t want to read. You know if it’s naturally fruit flavored, that means the taste will be barely noticeable, a slight step up from tasting like cardboard. And then we got the Corn based cereal, which means it’s a cheaply made cereal piece like other generic cereals. Man I wish Ralston still made sweet cold cereals.

    1. And the partnerships sometimes sucked. For example the Peeps Cereal. It didn’t really captured the iconic features of peeps such as the chick shapes and sugar sanded marshmallows. Also Dippin Dots cereal; didn’t really work out.

      1. I tried the Cookies and Crème Dippin Dots Cereal and it was very bland and the only pieces worth eating were the little pieces of cookie bits which would have went great in a bowl of Oreo O’s

  3. Ralston made the Two Best Cereals Ever in History!!!!!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal and Spider-Man Cereal in the mid 90’s…same exact cereal “Glazed”…..”NOT FROSTED” Chex pieces but with different shaped marshmallows and still do this day there has NEVER been a remake of this cereal and I would buy it not matter what shape the marshmallows were..make it MY LITTLE PONY CEREAL!!!! I WILL STILL BUY AND EAT BOXES OF IT…the closest thing I can find that taste kind of similar is Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes and that became one of my new favorite Cereals from the very first bite!!!!!

    1. we didnt get the TMNT cereal in the Uk i don’t think, but i can remember having it when i visited the US with my family when i was super obsessed (well i’d totally buy it now too) – i can still remember the taste! if only we could go back in time!

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