REVIEW: Mtn Dew Liberty Brew

Mtn Dew Liberty Brew

What is Mtn Dew Liberty Brew?

Honoring all fifty states Dewnited under the Dew Nation flag, this limited edition brew promises to do its country proud by packing each bottle with 50 different flavors and enough Blue #1 to put Old Glory to shame.

How is it?

Much like shave ice in Hawaii, which you can mix and match all kinds of syrups, it’s hard to decipher where one flavor in Liberty Brew ends and another begins. If I had to pick, Blue Raspberry is probably the most prominent one of the bunch, but everything’s so blended together that it’s hard to pick any individual taste out.

Mtn Dew Liberty Brew Glass

Lacking the slight citrus-lime punch featured in regular Mountain Dew, Liberty Brew somehow seems even sweeter by comparison, and no aspect of it made me want to finish my bottle. Actually, it kind of reminds me of a melted Blue Raspberry ICEE, just without the disappointment of anticipating a frozen treat and finding out the machine is broken.

Is there anything else you should know?

This is a drink best enjoyed in one sitting. Despite the cap, it gets flat pretty quickly, and I thought it began to taste unsettlingly close to cough syrup once it wasn’t fizzy anymore.


Despite its distinctly patriotic branding, I’d skip on offering Mtn Dew Liberty Brew at cookouts and gatherings this summer. Just stick to buying the original stuff.

Purchased Price: $1.88
Purchased at: Walmart
Size: 20 fl. oz.
Rating: 4 out of 10
Nutrition Facts:: (1 bottle) 280 calories, 0 grams of total fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 90 milligrams of sodium, 75 grams of total carbohydrates, 75 grams of sugars, and 0 grams of protein.

16 thoughts to “REVIEW: Mtn Dew Liberty Brew”

  1. I actually enjoyed this drink. I really did taste a different flavor in each sip. One time it’d be raspberry, another would be strawberry, then blackberry, blueberry or even grape. It wasn’t perfect, especially after it got warm but it’s a fun drink and I’d love to know what all the 50 flavors are!
    I’d rank it around a 7 out of 10,but as my grandma always said, “If we were all alike, it would be a dull world!” 🙂

    1. Agreed sir. To me, this tastes like PepsiCo hired Duke Sigmund Igthorn who finally got his act together and discovered that the secret to Gummiberry Juice is actually liquefied gummy bears ?. I rank this as a tie amongst my favorite flavors, the other two being Code Red and Baja Blast to give one a reference. Different strokes!

        1. I somehow doubt it holds up to my Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb fueled saturday morning memories, but yes, there most certainly was. Here’s the intro

          In my mind, this flavor is the pure essence of Gummi Juice.

        2. Dashing and daring,
          Courageous and caring,
          Faithful and friendly,
          With stories to share.
          All through the forest,
          They sing out in chorus,
          Marching along,
          As their song fills the air.
          Gummi Bears!!
          Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
          High adventure that’s beyond compare.
          They are the Gummi Bears.
          Magic and mystery,
          Are part of their history,
          Along with the secret,
          Of gummiberry juice.
          Their legend is growing,
          They take pride in knowing,
          They’ll fight for what’s right,
          In whatever they do.
          Gummi Bears!!
          Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
          High adventure that’s beyond compare.
          They are the Gummi Bears.
          They are the Gummi Bears!!

  2. Here also for a like. I’m not a big fan of regular Mountain Dew, but always try the flavors. I liked the berryish flavor of this one, and it didn’t come across as cloyingly sweet as some of the flavors, including the regular one.

    1. I think it just goes to show where my choice of evening beverage tends to lie. 😉

  3. lets get one thng straight.. dont ever discount and not apprecitae the other flavors that this brand has.. if you like iriginal u should stay away from this.. and blue raspberry if done right is the king of all flavors. hands down dont care wat anyone says.. and i dont get y u should mx evrythng and pretend that its gonna work.. smh there is justice for those that try and commit this crime.. now if only they made the flavors without caffein and half the sugar and calories.. now thats a change that i would apprecite.. screw the caffene junkies

  4. I think this is actually quite good. Anybody like me who appreciated Pepsi Blue back in the day will most definitely appreciate the blue raspberry flavor note, which seems to he the most prominent of the alleged 50, and the strikingly beautiful (IMHO) Pepsi Blue-esque color of this magnificent soda. Would definitely recommend, ****.5/5 or 9/10.

  5. The first sip I took right after opening the bottle was that cough syrup taste you mentioned once it went flat. It put me off right from the start. And yes, there was a Gummi Bears show and it had the best theme song known to man!

  6. Dude your reveiws whack this is the best mtn dew to hit the markets and the sales are insane always sold out everwhere i go its like a cross from voltage/baja blast its my fav mtn dew well besides the classic pitch black 2 that was out breifly years ago

  7. As with all sodas, this is to be enjoyed ice cold!
    Its delicious. It tastes like what i hoped voltage would be the first time i tried it tginking blue raspberry. I love original Dew but now im hooked on liberty brew. Unfortunately its already disappeared from store shelves. Bummer.

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