SPOTTED: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Cereal (2019 New Recipe)

Kellogg s Rice Krispies Treats Cereal  New Recipe

Rice Krispies Cereal should’ve had marshmallows from the start. (Spotted by Rachel C at Target.)

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16 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Cereal (2019 New Recipe)”

    1. Seems to be a common trend with snacks and junk food. Some of the greats are in the graveyard.

  1. Interested in trying these. But I hope they’re as good as the previous formula. But it’s not out of the question for the original formula to return like with Trix cereal.

    1. One can only hope — the “new and improved” recipe is terrible. There no Krispy treat flavor in it — just sugary Rice Krispies, and hard tiny marshmallows that lack marshmallow flavor. These are sad, sad shadows of what my favorite cereal used to be…???

  2. As long as the only change in the Recipe is the added Marshmallows than this is a great addition to an already great cereal

    1. I think the new version is regular Frosted Rice Krispies with marbits instead of the original clusters with marbits added.

    2. The “New Recipe” version isn’t at all what I thought it would be and I’m so disappointed! The way they promote it makes you think that it’s the same RKT’s cereal but with added marshmallows but that is just not the case. It’s now BORING ol’ Rice Krispie cereal with added tiny marshmallows.
      Don’t waste your money on it!

  3. Oh no! No wonder I saw these on clearance at Target. I hope the last two are still there; cereal marshmallows suck.

  4. No, it should not have had marshmallows from the start. A marbit doesn’t taste anything like the marshmallow in an actual rice krispie treat. A rice krispie treat isn’t a marshmallow and some rice krispies eaten separately. They’re melted together. That’s the entire point, and it was amazingly recreated in the original version.

    This isn’t some kind of much-needed correction, it’s a sad abandonment of the cereal’s very concept. It was unique, but now it’s like froot loops with marshmallows, frosted flakes with marshmallows, apple jacks with marshmallows and every other cereal that’s just the standard product with marshmallows thrown in for whatever reason.

    1. Thank you! These are just sad and lacking in flavor. And they taste nothing like a rice krispy treat. ?

  5. Do not like them. They taste like I thought they would. Slightly sweet rice krispies with too many tiny marshmallows.

  6. It truly is frosted Krispies with marshmallow bits. This is a growing trend of trying to call things what the are not, 1984 style, expecting people to just accept it.
    It is not Rice Krispies Treats as a cereal. At most, it’s a hipsteresque deconstructed rice krispies treat.

  7. I’m so pissed off its not even funny! I just started buying rice krispie treats cereal bc I didn’t know they were still around. They have always been my favorite. I’ve bought 4 boxes since I found them again and now all of a sudden they start stocking this crazy new recipe which is just rice krispies with marshmallows! I ate one box and then one more just to make sure that the first box wasn’t just a crazy box! Well, let me tell ya! They all suck now and I’m very very unhappy Kellogs!

    1. YES! You are my spirit animal, ha! Super mean of them to mess with what was the best cereal EVER!

  8. I’m really disappointed with the new version. I don’t live in the US so Rice Krispies treats cereal is the go to gift people get me and this terrible new recipe is disappointing beyond just the cereal. There is a petition. Not sure if they work though.

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