FAST FOOD NEWS: KFC Mac & Cheese Bowls

News KFC Mac  Cheese Bowls

KFC’s Mac & Cheese has always been a side dish with its chicken, but now the side has become an entree with the chicken chain’s new Mac & Cheese Bowls.

The menu item features elbow macaroni with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce that’s combined with KFC’s Popcorn Nuggets. It’s also available in a spicy version that includes Nashville Hot sauce.

It’s available for a limited time and you can get it in a $5 Fill Up which comes with a medium drink and a chocolate chip cookie.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via KFC.)

3 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: KFC Mac & Cheese Bowls”

  1. It was OK. Very minimal prep. I got a spicy one, so it was like, get some mac and cheese, top it with nuggets, then cheese, then hot sauce, then hand it to you. It would have been better with a little bit of warming to melt the shredded cheese they topped it with. Decent tasting though and the hot sauce was fairly spicy.

  2. Tried the spicy version yesterday. Was not impressed. The heat is pretty good, but there’s nothing to break it up. It would be a better balance if they didn’t also put the hot seasoning in the mac and cheese itself along with the chicken nuggets. I found myself missing the gravy and corn of the Famous Bowl, too.

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