FAST FOOD NEWS: Wendy’s Carolina Classic Burger

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Do you live in one of the Carolinas? Do you think putting chili on a burger isn’t weird? Are you fine with cole slaw on the same burger? If you said “yes” to all the previous questions, Wendy’s has a burger for you — the Carolina Classic.

It’s not a new burger, it was previously sold in Charlotte-area restaurants, but now it’s available at all North and South Carolina Wendy’s locations. The regional menu item features a quarter pound beef patty, chili, diced onions, mustard, and cole slaw on a bun. It’s available for a limited time.

Is the Wendy’s Carolina Classic something you’d like to see have a national rollout? Let us know in the comments. Wendy’s totally reads the comments. Actually, I don’t know that, but I like to think someone there does.

(Image via Wendy’s.)

6 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Wendy’s Carolina Classic Burger”

  1. Love it, always hated it when they stopped selling them. Bummers!!! They should carry it all the time, especially now that we’ve lost our name Dixie Classic Fair……….. Sooooooo

      1. I thought this wasn’t new, and had been around a long time? maybe im mixing restaurants up

        anyways checking in from GSO

    1. A Wendy’s opened this week in Southport, NC and the lines have been around the block. I’m guessing that the Carolina Classic has been ordered hundreds of times (maybe more). This is a small town so a new Wendy’s is cause for, excitement.

  2. Bummer these aren’t national. Carolina burgers are pretty darn good. They’re easy to screw up though. The slaw and the chili both have to be on point. If either are sub par, it ruins the whole thing.

  3. I had one at Wendy’s on I-95 in South Carolina and loved it!

    Was hoping to get one in Georgia the next day (thinking it may be called the Georgia Classic) But found out it wasn’t on the menu.

    I recommend that Wendy’s put it on all of its menu’s.

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