ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Dustin

“Allow myself to introduce…myself.”

Hey everybody! My name is Dustin and I’m here to join you on this wild ride of all things sweet, savory, and, all-too-frequently, not very good for you. I’m a new reviewer here at The Impulsive Buy and we’re going to have some fun together.

I am a fan of all foods that are limited edition, seasonal, hard-to-find, or just plain delicious. This is largely because so many of my childhood favorites got ripped away from me prematurely. Daydreams of Josta and Ecto Cooler parade around in my mind regularly. I would do morally questionable things for a package of Keebler Magic Middles or a bag of Planters P.B. Crisps. Doritos 3D and I used to have an unbreakable bond. Taco Bell has been lackluster since they banished the Chili Cheese Burrito. Many of the beloved cereals from my childhood have evolved into mental myths as they’ve been gone for so long.

Suffice it to say, I have a bit of a complex. I’m always on a mission to find something amazing, knowing full well that it will likely be gone as soon as I become attached.

This relationship with food led me to The Impulsive Buy a few years ago. I’ve been a regular reader and I consider myself quite fortunate to get to write content for the site. Plus, it’s yet another way to let my self-indulgent creativity flow.
I’ve lived nearly my whole life in the sweltering Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Because of that, Sonoran hot dogs are my life-blood and I highly recommend trying them if you can find one.

My absolute favorite thing to consume is ice cream, so you could say that it’s my “niche.” Consider me an equal opportunity eater when it comes to ice cream: I’ll eat everything from the cheapest, most synthetic ice cream in large, plastic gallon tubs to much higher-end, decadent offerings. I love it all.

I’m excited to share my affinity for junk food with you all and, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), you’ll be getting to know me just a little bit in the process. Cheers!

11 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Dustin”

  1. Welcome, Dustin. I look forward to your thoughts and views on foodstuffs, but especially ice cream. The two words that could be said to be my favorite food obsession. I, too, love all the quality levels, but I draw the line at ice ‘milk’–a staple treat of my poverty-stricken childhood, along with Carnation powdered milk, which–adding insult to injury–it was my task to mix up and our into big glass bottles for my 5 siblings. Again, welcome to the adventure.
    Annie Long

  2. Hi Dustin, welcome to the nonstop food party! As a fellow ice cream lover, I look forward to your thoughts on both the latest and greatest creations, as well as the oldies but goodies, which sadly often change over time. You sound like you’ll be a wonderful addition to our foodie family!
    I look forward to reading your reviews,

    1. For years, anytime I’ve brought up Planters P.B. Crisps, I’ve gotten only blank stares. I’m glad somebody else remembers them!

  3. Glad to see you, Dustin. I love ice cream too (esp. the high end stuff), so looking forward to seeing those reviews.

  4. Hello to Arizona.

    I always appreciate knowing where a reviewer is from because what’s available to one reviewer, isn’t available to another.

    I’m a big fan of those name tags that hospitality industry workers wear, showing their name and where they are from, so engage customers.

    I think bloggers across the USA with multiple contributors should do the same — so we know “Jane in California” and “Dustin in Arizona” and “A Florida Man” in Florida on the “author” line of all these great blog posts.


  5. Welcome Dustin,

    I too miss the chili cheese burrito. I know for years, I’d get excited when I’d find an independently owned Taco Bell because they kept them on the menu far longer.

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