ANNOUNCEMENT: New Reviewer Sam

Well, Gouda day to you, and aloe me to introduce myself!

My name is Sam, and I am a food-obsessed, food-loving, and food pun-loving individual, and you butter dill with it! Ok, I’m done with the lame puns.

To kick things off, I am a born-and-raised Wisconsinite, so I’ve got the heart and soul to deal with anything fried, hearty, or related to good food. I know how to properly eat cheese (fried) and how to differentiate between all creamed goods that come from a cow. Seriously, some of the ice cream flavors in Wisconsin are utter this world. Ok, last one.

I grew up in a town right outside of Green Bay and have loved discovering new food products and recipes since I was a little kid. However, there was always an issue with where I grew up. I never had access to the cool and trending options and products that plaster themselves in all large, urban areas. For Heaven’s sake, if I want a decent vegan burger, I need to drive two and a half hours to Milwaukee. Not that I have done that. Not at all.

Anyhoo, since I didn’t always have access to the most exciting foods, ya know, besides fried cheese and custard, I was so excited when I could get my hands on something new. I mean, after a while, a diet of dairy, dairy, dairy, and fried dairy tends to get a little lifeless.

As much I love cows and cows, I really need to move to a bigger city. Eventually, I want to get to Chicago, so I can start being even more of a scatterbrain with just a little more chaos because what’s the fun in being sane? Plus, I’ve been to Chicago every year, and their food game is honestly stronger than a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson cheat meal.

I am so excited to be joining The Impulsive Buy to give a fun glimpse into various products and review them so that I can help you in your life. Should you disagree with an opinion of mine on food, you’ll be wrong, but we can still coexist. I’m absolutely kidding, but I will make you prove me wrong about a cheese curd.

I look forward to reviewing all the fun, sugary, and tasty treats for this site, and I have one motto going forward: If it has greens or kale in it, I’m not wasting my time.

Here we go!


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  1. Greetings Sam! I was living in Appleton when I first started reading TIB many years ago and I now live in the Chicago area, so there is hope for you! Hit me up on Twitter if you ever have any Chi-town questions or need a food recommendation (although it sounds like you’re pretty familiar with our offerings already.)

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