SPOTTED: Doritos Cool Ranch now with More Cool Ranch Flavor

Doritos Cool Ranch now with More Cool Ranch Flavor

To be honest, I’ve never thought Cool Ranch Doritos needed more Cool Ranch-y flavor. Also, full disclosure, Doritos sent me a bag of this and I have to say I don’t notice difference. (Spotted by Robbie at Five Below.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Doritos Cool Ranch now with More Cool Ranch Flavor”

  1. Like the Pop-Tarts with “now more frosting,” they don’t really make a solid claim here. More than what? How much more? Did they add more powder or did they change the seasoning so it has “more flavor?” The only people that actually know are the sneaky snakes in Doritos marketing. They missed an opportunity to bring “Cooler Ranch” though.

    What’s funny about the NOW MORE FROSTING pop-tarts is that all the ones I’ve bought have had seriously less frosting coverage, and some major QC issues.

    1. Any fan of cool ranch doritos can tell that these are the same recipe, just lots more powder. And they are amazing!!! What is wrong with you people?

  2. Oh I doubt Pop-tarts would ever have “more frosting” but I hope Doritos do. Cool Ranch chips used to be coated here but lately I stopped buying them because they’ve been using less seasoning. As have the Hot Funyuns here so I don’t get those anymore.

  3. I remember when Nacho Cheese Doritos became “Nacho Cheesier” in the 90’s – and I was sad, because I liked the original flavor better. I’m curious to see if I feel the same about this reformulation of Cool Ranch.

    1. Do you remember the original Doritos “Taco Flavor”? They bring it back periodically. I like that one quite a bit.

  4. Remember when Cheetos bags used to have Chester cranking the Cheese-O-Meter to DANGEROUSLY CHEESY?…they have never made them that cheesy since.

  5. I’ve always been disappointed that over the years, Doritos Cool Ranch and the Nacho Cheese seemed to lack more and more in the amount of tasty flavor-dust they used to have. It’s noticeable. I would try this still, though.

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