SPOTTED: Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale

Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale

Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale 2 Liter

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

“BOLD” seems to be a more fitting adjective on a beer than a ginger ale? Budweiser Bold. Miller Bold. Corona Bold. Busch Bold. Milwaukee’s Best Bold. Coors Bold. Guinness Bold. Dos Equis. Please help me. Blue Moon Bold. I can’t stop it. Natural Ice Bold. Pabst Blue Ribbon Bold. HELP ME! Stella Artois Bold. Why can’t I stop? Keystone Bold. Heineken Bold. Michelob Bold. Samuel Adams Bold. STOP! Okay. It stopped. Mike’s Hard Lemonade Bold. NOOOOO!!!! (Spotted by Robbie at H-E-B and @sldy93 at Dierbergs.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale”

  1. Maybe this new product is close to ginger beer, but Canada Dry didn’t want to take a chance on losing some customers by calling it ginger beer.

  2. Polar has made a similar product for a long time. “Polar Golden Ginger ale Extra Bold” If it’s like that then it will be good. Just a hint of that spicy ginger flavor.

    1. It is an old fashioned style (spicy) ginger ale. More ginger. I’m sipping it now. Good for a cold or tummy ache

  3. nothing bold about it.. dont care for gongerale unless im travelling but id like another flavored varety… plain old is just boring and not inspiring… cherry gingerale perhaps?

  4. This will be a nice addition to the ginger ale family of flavors although not a big fan of the blackberry or the pomegranate their okay like the cran and lemonade flavors , this bold is quite good as well , had it down in Florida hopping ill see it in Canada (only have two cans left)

  5. Flat, Flat, and Flat. I prefer the regular Canada Dry Ginger Ale. This one here, a little more gingery flavor, but it was too flat and not carbonated enough for me. Even if the company was going for a ginger beer flavor, it’s still not carbonated enough. It’s a Bold Disappointment.

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