REVIEW: Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale

Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale Can

Update 12/1/21: We also tried the limited edition Vanilla Bean flavor! Click here to read our review.

What is Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale?

Canada Dry Bold teases a more intense ginger flavor in this variety of its sweet, dry ginger soda.

How is it?

Greetings from the land of illness and misery, otherwise known as Julie’s place of employment. Luckily, my immune system of steel has prevented me from falling prey to a cocktail of insidious germs, but my poor colleagues can’t say the same. On a lunchtime run to pick up Kleenex and hand sanitizer, I stumbled upon Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale, a new product from, in my opinion, the best commercial ginger ale brand out there. Although I associate the beverage primarily as a panacea for everything from colds to hangovers, I always enjoy a fizzy ginger drink…but is bolder better?

Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale Fizzy

Upon first pour, Canada Dry Bold has a richer, gold color and more fizz compared to the original variety, along with a sharper scent that brought a tickle to my nose. The first sip tasted very similar to Canada Dry or any other standard ginger ale: sweet and refreshing, with a hint of ginger, although missing a hint of its characteristic crispness. With another sip, the ginger taste became more noticeably more pronounced. But at this point, “bold” seemed like a strong word — more like “enhanced” or “elevated.”

Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale Color

After a few moments, the drink built up to spicy sensation, a peppery warmth without flavor, that lingered in the throat for several minutes. The feeling was definitely pleasant, and because of my tendency to rely on the brand for comfort in times of sickness, I appreciated the “burn” as an extra kick in a still-soothing, palatable drink.

Because that kick hesitates, the drink may disappoint enthusiasts looking for a fresher, more robust flavor in the vein of ginger beer.

Is there anything else you need to know?

You don’t NEED to know this, but I found it interesting: Both the original and bold varieties contain less than 2% ginger extract, which is apparently not enough to merit the claim that Canada Dry is “made with real ginger” and boasts related health benefits. After a 2019 false advertisement lawsuit, the brand opted to relinquish that statement, instead describing their drinks as having “real ginger taste.” Don’t let that knowledge ruin the placebo effect the next time you reach for a Canada Dry to soothe your queasy stomach.


Canada Dry Bold is more like Canada Dry Moderate, but its enhanced ginger taste and resulting warm spice sensation will still refresh and soothe whatever might ail you.

Purchased Price: $5.79
Size: 12 pack of 12-ounce cans (2-liter size also available at some locations)
Purchased at: Giant Eagle
Rating: 7 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (per 12 oz. can) 140 calories, 0 grams of fat, 50 milligrams of sodium, 36 grams of carbohydrates, 36 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of protein.

99 thoughts to “REVIEW: Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale”

  1. Of course Canada Dry makes the best ginger ale soda. No doubt about that. So I tried the Bold. Hmm, first sip and it felt a little hot and burning in my throat, but not a bad burning feeling. The taste and the after taste didn’t do much for me. BUT I continued to drink it and it kept getting better tasting. Now I love the stuff, I don’t feel any burn anymore, so now I want some Canada Dry EXTRA BOLD!
    For those who partake, I’ll bet this tastes great with some whiskey in it.

  2. In October 2020, Canada Dry/Mott’s Inc. was successfully sued by Victor Cardoso for $200,000 for claiming it’s product had real ginger with health benefits. Canada Dry Ginger Ale contains only trace amounts of “ginger derivatives” Many people claim ginger ale settles their stomach, but just about any carbonated drink will have the same effect. There is no actual ginger doing anything.

  3. Canada Dry bold is the best ginger ale I’ve ever had. I have Diverticulitis and it’s the best ginger ale to settle my stomach when I go through bouts of diverticulitis. Thank you

  4. I love ginger and grow my own ginger and have eaten it raw with honey and lemon.(a tasty treat!) but even in its raw stage, it has never burned my mouth and lips like this drink. I doubt less than 2% ginger would create such a burn. I’m suspicious that the “other natural flavors” are hot pepper or something similar.

  5. I love this stuff! Ice cold, over ice! Can’t wait to try it next Summer when its over 95 degrees outside….will be even better! Go Bold!!

  6. Where in Northern New Hampshire Can I Find Canada Dry BOLD GINGER ALE ? I Purchased This, and LOVE IT. SO PLEASE TELL ME WHO CARRY’S Your Product ?

  7. I love this product. I read and read. I just knew some where I was gonna find in the ingredients it was pepper in this soda. Stupid me. Very good though.

  8. I tried Canada Dry Bold. To me if was nasty. I like the original ginger ale. Not good at taste. I had to go out and the orginial ginger ale

  9. Why is it so expensive and so HARD TO FIND!
    It is always out of stock in this area.

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