SPOTTED: Rold Gold Recipe No. 5 Savory Butter

Rold Gold Recipe No 5 Savory Butter

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

What are Recipes 1-4? (Spotted by Scott at Cub Foods.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Rold Gold Recipe No. 5 Savory Butter”

  1. I personally didn’t care for these. I was expecting to get a butter flavor from the pretzel but they have put a powdery salty coating on them that I didn’t like. I tried one and bagged the rest for work. Hopefully they will still be edible when I get back to work next month.

    1. They were not good at all. It was more like a Ranch flavor than buttery flavor, why call them buttery? I’m really sorry I paid $4 for this bag!

  2. I just tried these. They are clearly trying to compete with Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels. I actually like these better since I found Dot’ s to be just a hair too spicy for me.

  3. I tried these as well. I was expecting them to taste similar to the butter flavored pretzels that were made many years ago. I was sadly disappointed.

  4. For those expecting just a butter flavor, look closer — “savory”. I interpreted that as meaning something vaguely like a Chex Mix-type of flavor, and that’s the impression I get from them.

    My wife and I do like this flavor, so if you don’t want yours, we’ll take them! =D

  5. Just bought a bag of these buttery pretzels and they are wonderful. I like the flavor and you don’t have to break your jaw to eat them. Just great!!!!!!

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