COMING SOON: Limited Edition Chips Ahoy Sour Patch Kids Cookies

NEWS Chips Ahoy Sour Patch Kids

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.


Nope. Not April Fools.

I assure you Limited Edition Chips Ahoy Sour Patch Kids Cookies are real. Unless someone went through the trouble of doing some really good Photoshop work to come up with the packaging you see above, spoofing the email of a PR person I’ve dealt with before, and sending me a press release that has the following information:

  • Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids Inspired Limited Edition Cookies are made with Sour Patch Kids-inspired candy pieces.
  • It will be available at retailers nationwide beginning May 2020. (Although it’s been spotted at Dollar Tree stores already. Yes, I typed Dollar Tree.)
  • It will have a MSRP of $2.95 for an 8-ounce package.

What are “Sour Patch Kids-inspired candy pieces”?

I originally assumed, from the way its worded, that these cookies don’t have actual bits of chewy Sour Patch Kids. And, from what I can tell by looking at an Instagram post by @candyhunting, the cookies don’t look like they do. But after following up with the nice PR person who sent me information about these, I was told the sweet and sour candy bits have a gummy texture.

(Image via Chips Ahoy?)

3 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Limited Edition Chips Ahoy Sour Patch Kids Cookies”

  1. I’m not so sure how the hell sour patch kids and chocolate mesh together into a cookie? What my assumption is that the chips pieces are white chocolate flavored with sour patch flavoring.

    Chips Ahoy could had made something better than that. How about a orange flavor chips ahoy? Since orange & chocolate goes together very well. And dunked in milk? Oh yes.

  2. I will check Big Lots or Ollies in a few months for these. My 12-year-old will at least try this combo.

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