SPOTTED: Sun-Maid Bites

Sun Maid Bites S mores
Sun-Maid Bites S’mores
Sun Maid Bites Birthday Cake
Sun-Maid Bites Birthday Cake
Sun Maid Bites PB  J
Sun-Maid Bites PB & J
Sun Maid Bites Banana Split
Sun-Maid Bites Banana Split

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

Wait, are we trying to get kids to eat raisins the same way I make my dogs eat their flea/heartworm medication by putting it in something sweet, like peanut butter? (Spotted by Tiffany at Meijer.)

One thought to “SPOTTED: Sun-Maid Bites”

  1. I would much rather eat heartworm medication than this crap. I only eat golden raisins.

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