SPOTTED: Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese

Cheetos Mac  N Cheese Bold  Cheesy
Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese Bold & Cheesy
Cheetos Mac  N Cheese Cheesy Jalapeno
Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese Cheesy Jalapeno

Update: We tried them! Well, the microwaveable cups version. Click here to read our review.

There’s also a Flamin’ Hot variety. Although we can turn any of the above into a Flamin’ Hot variety by topping them with crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. (Spotted by @TheJoshCatlett at Walmart.)

2 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese”

  1. All three flavors also come in microwave cups.

    Fun fact: Kraft used to provide microwave instructions on their standard box of Mac & Cheese…until someone figured out they could package three spoonfuls of the same stuff in a pint-sized cup, call it a “bowl”, and sell it for probably more than a full box costs you.

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