SPOTTED: Coca-Cola with Coffee

Coca Cola Coffee 4 Packs  Vanilla and Dark Blend

Coca Cola with Coffee Single Cans

Here’s our review from last year of the Dark Blend and Vanilla flavors that our reviewer was able to get early through the Coca-Cola Insiders Club. There are also now Zero Sugar versions of the Dark Blend and Vanilla. (Multi-packs spotted by Jarred at Walmart. Individual cans spotted by @TheJoshCatlett at Walmart.)

14 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Coca-Cola with Coffee”

  1. I’ve only tried the vanilla flavor, but it was f*****g delicious, Holly May. I guess our taste buds differ. It tastes like an improved version of Coca-Cola Blak.

    1. Hehe, Yeah, i just couldn’t get on it. I would be willing to try the vanilla maybe. I love coffee and I enjoy cola products, just didn’t quite like the two together.

  2. They were alright, but not something I would buy again. I wish I saw those single cans so I didn’t have to buy the 4-pack lol. I was hoping for more of an iced coffee with a hint of coca cola flavoring as opposed to what it is which is coca cola with a hint of coffee flavor. I feel like it would be a lot better if it switched. Poorly executed imo.

  3. Just wondering, as the frugal guy in the room:

    Could a more-or-less equivalent of this be obtained by adding a teaspoon (or to-taste) of instant espresso powder to a Coke (or other) soda, at a presumably lower cost? Something to consider/try, in the convenience of one’s home or desk at work.

    1. Sometimes I do that since there is no Coke with coffee in my county (you can find Asian version, but for 6-8x price). Not exact taste, but it works. Might need a few tries to get satisfying proportions.

      1. Thanks–I might just pick up some espresso powder my next grocery trip, and give it a go! Sounds like the makings for a richer/deeper Coke drink. 🙂

        1. I loved Coca Cola Blak, so the very best equivalent I concocted was Coke Zero and black coffee. For some reason, the Coke Zero was much closer to whatever Coca Cola Blak was made with. That being said, if you never had Coca Cola Blak and you’re not chasing that particular flavor profile, your plan will probably work.

    2. We all know you can make things cheaper at home. That’s not the point of this website – or else everyone would write “I could get that Big Mac cheaper at home” or “I could get that chicken sandwich cheaper at home and with less anti-gay hate”.

  4. I picked up the Caramel & Vanilla flavors at my local Pacific Market (Asian supermarket chain in the San Francisco Bay Area). VERY similar to Coca Cola Blak. Although I imagine the Dark Blend is probably closest in flavor.

  5. I tried the zero calorie dark roast version last night and the taste is still haunting me. It was terrible.

    1. Thank you. I am not one to spit out anything, any that is what I did when I took a swig of this. And immediately followed with mouthwash.

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