SPOTTED: Mtn Dew Rise Energy

Mtn Dew Rise Energy Strawberry Melon Spark and Peach Mango Dawn

Mtn Dew Rise Energy Berry Blitz

Mtn Dew Rise Energy Pomegrante Blue Burst

There are also two other flavors — Orange Breeze and Tropical Sunrise. All flavors have zero grams of added sugar, 25 calories, and approximately 180 milligrams of caffeine per can. Mtn Dew is partnering with LeBron James to launch the energy drink line that’s supposed to offer a mental boost and immunity support. (Spotted by @CourseURHere at Walmart, Justin at Walmart, and David B at QT.)

9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Mtn Dew Rise Energy”

  1. 180 caffeine!? Holy moly! I’ll never understand how people can intake that much. Regular Mtn Dew for me.

    1. I have a sick high tolerance for caffeine, perhaps even an immunity…I always would get frustrated in college when kids would slam energy drinks and coffee to stay up all night studying…me? I down espresso shot after espresso shot and still fall asleep…

  2. I’m currently drinking the Berry Blitz as I type this. I’ve had 3 of the flavors now and I can say they are quite good.

  3. I found it of all places at 99 cents only store. Only tried the Strawberry Melon so far. Have yet to find anywhere else.

    It gets me when people drink a regular red bull and its enough caffiene for them,

    I usually get the Monster Punched 240 caffiene. I’ve had several days where I drank 2 in an 8 hour shift,

    1. Earlier today (well, technically, yesterday), I had a can of Java Monster, with triple the shot of caffeine: 300 mg, and I may as well have had a can of water. Not a blip on my screen of energy; booo. It tasted great, though.

      1. That’s so damn rare for energy drinks! It’s why I miss Pimp Juice so much. It never gave me energy, but it tasted FANTASTIC!!!!! The last energy drink I had tasted TERRIBLE, and it gave me a stomachache! Good think it was only $0.99. Still, it was a terrible waste of a dollar. 🙁

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