13 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Skittles Gummies”

    1. They use corn syrup.

      These hit stores around me a week before Easter. Although tempted, I have not tried them yet. I am still a bit bitter that they swapped lime for green apple.

  1. Looks interesting. I’d really like to see Skittles Chewies, though. I think they were/are confined to the UK though.

  2. These are amazing. I picked up both bags from Walmart and the flavors are spot on for skittles. They are softer than a haribo but firmer than Alabenese.

      1. Have you ever had Haribo’s Lemon Ginger gummies? Those are fantastic! They sell them at World Market, and of course online. You should totally try them if you haven’t had them. I love them!

        1. WHAT!? *mind blown emoji* I have no doubt that I would love those. I so wish that we still had a World Market around here. Ours went away back when I was in High School…so uh, um, uh, that was recently, yeah, totally recently…lol. I always appreciate going there.

          I do have the luxury of having Jungle Jim’s in my area (look it up!) that is an international market unique to the area. Literally have pretty much anything exotic/unique that you can think of. Wonderful place, and as it is billed, a “foodie destination.” Next time I’m in I’ll check out the area where they have Haribo and see if they stock the Lemon Ginger, haven’t noticed them before though. Thank you for the heads up!

          1. You’re quite welcome. I absolutely have an ulterior motive for telling you, though. I always tell people about my favorite food items, because I’m terrified that they’ll be taken off the market, so please try them. I swear they’re delicious! 🙂

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