BACK ON SHELVES: Lay’s Lime & Sea Salt Potato Chips (2021)

Lay s Lime  Sea Salt Potato Chips  2021

I have to admit I thought this was a re-release of the Lime & Sea Salt flavor as part of 2019’s Turn Up the Flavor line. But that was on Wavy chips. However, because this site has way too many photos of products on shelves, I happened to come across this photo from 2017 that I completely forgot about. (Spotted by Michael B at BP.)

4 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Lay’s Lime & Sea Salt Potato Chips (2021)”

  1. I tried the limon chips a few weeks ago. Didn’t like them one whit. I think lime works beautifully on tortilla chips, not potato chips though.

    1. YES, THEY WERE SO DISGUSTING!!!! For the reason you stated! Lime is fantastic on corn chips, not on potato chips!!!!!

    2. You do realize this post isn’t about that flavor right… limon is a completely different flavor

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