11 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Pringles Wavy Deep Fried Pickle”

  1. Found these at my third Dollar General and I was underwhelmed. I am a big fan of pickles and pickle-flavored items, but I just did not care for these. The flavor was just meh to me. There was pickle flavor, but I guess they are also adding the fried-batter taste and I just don’t care much for the result. I need to try the Lay’s Fried Pickle and Ranch to compare. So, a swing and a miss for me with these…but good effort Pringles. Keep up the hustle.

  2. It seems odd to me that Pringles would create a limited-edition version of its crisps, only to be sold at…a dollar store.

    Nothing against dollar stores, mind you: they’re fun places to check out. I just can’t help but feel like that is a strange choice of retailer to exclusively be allowed to sell this product.

    1. I wish there was a Dollar General somewhere on this island because I don’t know if its executives are bribing brands, but DG gets all the exciting store exclusives. Mtn Dew Maui Burst is the first one that comes to mind. Then there’s the orange vanilla cream M&M’s.

      1. Hmmm…I had no idea that DG got access to so many exclusive new products. Interesting (and this is coming from someone in marketing). I’m curious as to what the thought-/decision-process is, behind this, for so many brands.

        Heck…I’m not even on the island, and I’ve no idea where the closest branch of that store is…

        1. Dollar Tree Dollar General combo stores are being built right now. From what I understand Dollar General is not a Dollar Store and so you shouldn’t have said that.

          You don’t know how contract negotiations work?

    2. I don’t see what the problem is with just selling limited edition items at certain stores.

      1. Because it’s a pain in the butt to go traipsing around, wasting gas, to find these limited editions. Especially if the store they are limited to, aren’t conveniently located.

        1. You understand though that these are limited edition and limited availability, right? So that means that they are not widely available.

  3. This is me purely speculating and wondering if it is easier to test launch a product by throwing it in a smaller store like Dollar General for a couple of years. The company is able to make less of a commitment to filling those shelves compared to releasing to all retailers at once, and if it is a big hit, they can make it more widely available. It seems that pringles likes to use smaller stores a lot of the time. It is usually a trade-off between Dollar General and Walgreens.

    1. Your speculation makes sound sense! (or should I say “dollars” 😉 ) Get it?

  4. I’m going to launch a new store called ‘Holiday 365’. This store would stock limited editions from every food manufacturer, year around. So you want your ‘limited edition Christmas peppermint stick Pringles’ in July? I gotcha covered.

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