SPOTTED: Mexican Street Corn Cheetos

Mexican Street Corn Cheetos

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

I imagine this is a cleaner way to get the flavors of Mexican Street Corn. Full disclosure: I’ve never had Mexican Street Corn. I’m just making an assumption based on the photos I’ve seen on Google. I mean, it looks like gravity is not its friend. (Spotted by Herman L at 7-Eleven.)

10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Mexican Street Corn Cheetos”

  1. i feel like Smartfood kinda dropped the ball on launching an elote flavour before the other Big Snack brands could adapt it. could also see it being good as a Chex Mix variety.

    i hope the Cheetos aren’t too lime-y. sometimes “hint of lime” tortilla chips smell too much like Trix cereal and it doesn’t appeal when i’m eating a salt/savory food.

    1. Exactly. Or not naming it “elote”. Maybe it’s because I live in AZ and am familiar with the term and people in Michigan wouldn’t that they named it “Mexican Street Corn”.

  2. Mexican Street Corn shouldn’t taste as good as it does. I mean, it makes absolutely no sense to have those ingredients together but somehow it works. Looking forward to trying this.

  3. They get bonus points for not making it “flamin’” , “scorchin’” , or “screamin’”.

    1. I left a comment detailing my thoughts on these but it didn’t post for some reason so tl;dr: one of my favorites Cheeto’s now, a very well-done take on elote flavor. Starts with a punch of spiced lime (spiced as in chili powder) but the aftertaste is very mellow and reminded me and my girlfriend of the fatty mayo-y feel of an actual elote. Surprisingly layered for a Cheeto, which are usually pretty one-note (in a good way), and I sincerely hope these stick around.

  4. After seeing this I rushed to my nearest 7-11 and bought two bags (as an aside, this is the first time I actually found a new product at my home location!)

    I regret buying two bags, because it wasn’t enough. I should have snatched up their whole supply! These are delicious and surprisingly layered in flavor for Cheeto’s. They hit with a nice punch of lime right off the bat, with notes of chili powder, and the aftertaste is extremely mellow and satisfying (my girlfriend and I were both reminded of the slightly-warm mayo goodness of an actual elote after). Didn’t think I’d enjoy it this much but I’m very, very pleasantly surprised with this favor. I really hope it sticks around, preferably in larger bags, because $2 for less than 4oz won’t quite cut it for these!

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