SPOTTED: Monster Mash Cereal

Monster Mash Cereal

Fifty years of Monster Cereals, but let’s be honest, we haven’t been able to buy all of them during every one of those years. (Spotted by Bob K at Giant Eagle.)

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  1. And we still haven’t. Word on the street is Boo Berry overpowers this cereal and you can’t taste any of the other monsters 🙁

    1. That’s what I hear as well. On Cerealously, the review mentioned it was mediocre at best, which means it’s another failure. It’s sad how cheap General Mills is these days to not do something better than this for the 50 year anniversary of the monster cereals. I think people would’ve been happier if they just re-released Brute and Mummy again like they did back in 2013. That would’ve been better than this at least.

      1. To be fair, he despises corn-based cereal, this was not going to get a great review there. Don’t get me wrong, the site is fantastic but it’d be shocking if he had liked this one.

        I am still holding out nostalgic hope.

        1. That’s not one guy’s weird hangup; *most* cereal fans prefer an oat base over a corn base, and especially when it comes to the monster cereals. The change from oat to corn is a real bummer with those because legions of fans grew up with the old recipe, and the current one just isn’t that great.

          While it might’ve been unrealistic to think General Mills would change back to an oat base for the monsters’ anniversary, they could’ve at least put some real effort into this cereal beyond just the cute box art. Given that the cereal pieces are the fruity ones (Boo Berry and Frankenberry), there’s no reason they couldn’t have included Frute Brute’s cherry and Yummy Mummy’s orange pieces. Instead, they just went with what they already had and added some coloration to the marshmallows (but no flavoring) to represent the others. It’s a lazy nostalgia grab without doing any work to create a new product, or to even re-release an old one.

  2. it says at the top of the box: Artificially Berry Flavored Cereal with Monster Marshmallows. no mention of chocolate or other flavours (i noticed this also on the fruit snacks box in the spotted post from a couple weeks ago). the “mash” occurs only in combining characters in the design, but doesn’t seem to have any flavor mixture to speak of. boo.

    1. It’s funny in a way, because consumers can probably make a better variation of this cereal on their own by just buying a box of this cereal and a separate box of Chocula and mixing them. I mean chocolate flavored cereal should go well with the fruity counterparts. Chocolate and fruit usually go well together in many different ways. Not sure why General Mills left Chocula’s cereal out of this mix, especially since he’s the original monster.

      I’m of the mindset to buy Strawberry, Blueberry, and/or Chocolate Cheerios and to buy the same flavored marbits and just add them to the flavored Cheerios. It may be the closest way to re-live the past when General Mills used oats in the cereal pieces.

    2. They mixed franken berry and boo berry oat pieces and then put in froot brute and yummy mummy marshmallow pieces in with the pieces that would be in the franken berry and boo berry cereal.

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