SPOTTED: Limited Edition Apple Cider Donut Oreo

Limited Edition Apple Cider Donut Oreo

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

Here’s the third donut-flavored Oreo variety. It follows this year’s Strawberry Frosted Donut and 2017’s Jelly Donut. (Spotted by David P at Giant Eagle.)

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Limited Edition Apple Cider Donut Oreo”

  1. This is so good. For anyone that loved the 2014 Caramel Apple flavor, this is just as awesome. It’s apple forward (instead of cinnamon heavy like the apple pie oreo was), and the “cream” is sturdy instead of gooey weird (looking at you apple pie and swedish fish).

    A+++ i’m getting another pack to stay in my freezer.

  2. Oh, man…don’t even mention my beloved Swedish Fish Oreos. I LOVED…and totally miss…those dang things! Bring. Them. Back. Please.

    Regarding this, particular, product, however: These look very good, and have definitely piqued my interest.

    1. My favorite review of the Swedish Fish Oreos was Junk Banter throwing them from either a balcony or somewhere higher up into a trash can far below. I was never brave enough to try them.

      If I find the Cider Oreos I might get a pack, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the Apple Pie oreos.

      1. I gasp at wasting those amazing Swedish Fish Oreos, by throwing them off of balconies. 😛 (And, please keep in mind, my love of them was especially note-worthy. I have tried the majority of LE Oreo flavors, and almost ALL of them have been disgustingly sweet to me, and I could literally not eat more than one. But those SF ones…nom nom nom; delicious!)

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