REVIEW: Little Caesars Cookie Dough Brownie

Little Caesars Cookie Dough Brownie Life

For as many times as I’ve had a wallet-friendly Little Caesars pizza in the last two years, I have never once looked at Mr. Pizza Pizza to serve me some cake cake. Unlike other pizza chains that have dessert offerings all the time, Little Caesars doesn’t offer a full-time sugary staple to tempt me.

That all changes for now, with the addition of the eye-catching Cookie Dough Brownie. Will it be as short-lived as 2017’s Cinnamon Loaded Crazy Bites or go the distance to round out the menu for good? The cellophane-wrapped dessert is a chocolate brownie topped with cookie dough frosting and M&M’s Minis.

Little Caesars Cookie Dough Brownie Cellophane

I’m glad I went to pick this up in the afternoon to have later on for a proper dessert because this new item is served COLD. Like straight out of the fridge and handed to me cold. Like, “damn, is that a fridge or a freezer?” cold. And I have a major pet peeve when it comes to baked goods: I don’t like them cold. Cake, especially something with frosting, cookies, brownies, etc., should all be at room temperature to enjoy their ideal texture and flavor. If I wanted stiff frosting, I would eat ice cream, and even that has to properly temper, or I lose my mind. I let this pretty package of four perfectly cut squares sit on my counter for four hours before eating, and they achieved peak softness.

Little Caesars Cookie Dough Brownie Cuts

Little Caesars Cookie Dough Brownie Just One

The cookie dough frosting is the most unique component and by far the highlight of the experience. It has a pronounced brown sugar flavor with some of cookie dough’s essential granular sugar crystal grit that plays well with the generally smooth and creamy (properly tempered) frosting. It’s more firm than your average buttercream but softer and less dense than actual cookie dough. I’ve never had anything quite like it, and Little Caesars kind of killed it with the execution — I’m impressed.

Little Caesars Cookie Dough Brownie Side

The brownie is much less interesting. Although still totally passable for a $4 dessert, the chocolate base is way more cake than a brownie, devoid of the heft and richness I associate with a brownie. It’s moist and fluffy but firm enough to hold up the frosting, very much like a thinly sliced sponge cake. A very close comparison in terms of texture and flavor is Little Debbie’s Cosmic Brownie, with a little less of an artificial preservative-heavy finish.

Little Caesars Cookie Dough Brownie Long

I tend to enjoy M&M’s incorporated into my desserts, and that’s the case here. They add a satisfying rainbow of color to the presentation, a nice little crunch to offset the creamy frosting, and another layer of chocolate to accentuate the milder cocoa in the brownie.

For those who prefer their sweets cold, I did try a square straight from the fridge the next day, and while it didn’t improve the experience, it didn’t take anything away, either. Little Caesars nailed two out of the three pieces of this sweet puzzle, regardless of temperature, and for the beyond reasonable price point, I would still recommend adding this unique treat to your next pizza night.

Purchased Price: $3.69
Size: 4 pieces
Rating: 7 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (1 piece, 48g) 210 calories, 11 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 10 milligrams of cholesterol, 75 milligrams of sodium, 24 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 17 grams of sugar, 3 grams of protein.

8 thoughts to “REVIEW: Little Caesars Cookie Dough Brownie”

  1. Great review though personally I despise room temp frosting. I like mine more solid (probably why I hate light cakes and only like denser cakes too).

  2. Excellent review as it gave us a great insight as to what these are truly like. I always find cakey brownies incredibly disappointing but give me M&M’s on everything.

    Little Caesars has not survived in my neck of the pizza-snob-filled woods. It does not sound as though these brownies will draw people in long term.

  3. I ordered this in the app on Monday. Got to the store, they didn’t have it in stock. They took my name and phone number, told me to return on Wednesday and I could get it then.

    Went today (Wednesday), they said they had none in stock, come back tomorrow. I asked for a refund, they couldn’t do that, so they gave me an order of crazy bread instead…

  4. I was finally able to buy a pack today. I had one brownie so far, and I think it’s incredible.

    I ate it cold because Brand Eating said the frosting had more of a cookie dough texture, but I think it was also less messier that way.

    I agree that the brownie was more cake-like, but it was still tasty, and I think an actual brownie taste/texture would’ve been too rich with all of the competing ingredients.

    I love brownies, chocolate chip cookie dough, and Mini M&Ms (gee, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be reviewing this, lol), and they managed to all work well together without being too sweet.

  5. The right TWIX brownie is definitely better than the left TWIX brownie! All kidding aside, both TWIX & M&M brownies are great!

  6. I expected a warm from the oven experience tonight and I was also quite surprised and not-too-thrilled that it was wrapped in cellophane and cold enough to nurse a vasectomy. Wtf. It’s Ok I guess, but not what I expected. All the other big box pizza places serve their deserts hot. Like the cookie at Papa Johns.

  7. Great review!
    Well written and talk-y. Loved it! So do a bunch of other people. I read the exact same paragraph (from your review) in three other blog posts. Guess you got the stuff if multiple people are plagiarizing you!?
    Have the cookie dough brownie in the fridge. Will let sit out for a bit.

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