SPOTTED: Combos Garlic Parmesan

Combos Garlic Parmesan

Quick question: When referring to Combos, does anyone call them “‘bos”? I’m asking because the Combos Twitter account keeps calling the snack “‘bos.” But I’ve never heard anyone else call them that. (Spotted by Vin at Wawa.)

10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Combos Garlic Parmesan”

  1. Firstly: I’d straight up punch anyone I caught who called them “‘bos”. I kid you, not.

    Secondly: I NEED these!

    1. Firstly: I’d LUUUV to see you punch the Combo’s Twitter account. I kid you, NOT!
      Secondly: When this happening?

  2. …never. And I hope that I never come across somebody who does…

    p.s. I will be seeking this flavour out. Unless they rebrand and start officially calling them “bos.” I vow to never purchase or consume bos.

  3. They could really make the suggestion of calling them bos even worse by having their slogan be “Throw some bos!”

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