SPOTTED: Chex Mix Birthday Cake and Cookies & Cream Bars

Chex Mix Birthday Cake Bars

Chex Mix Cookies  Cream Bars

Chex Mix Birthday Cake Bars 20 Pack

I’d eat a savory version of these with a layer of rye chips on the top or bottom. There’s also a Chocolate Peanut Butter variety. (Spotted by Sarah R at Safeway. 20-pack spotted by Dorothy at Sam’s Club.)

6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Chex Mix Birthday Cake and Cookies & Cream Bars”

  1. Ick. Yet another birthday-cake-flavored thing? I’ve never liked birthday cake…even as a kid. I sure as heck don’t want something that supposedly replicates its flavor. Blech.

    1. I always thought it was funny that they assume everyone has vanilla cake with sprinkles on their Birthday. My theory is that the popularity of this flavor has everything to do with the fact that kids love sprinkles.

      I was never a fan of cake either and always requested an ice cream cake for my Birthday regardless of the freezing Winter temps.

      1. Yep, exactly; not everyone likes vanilla cake and/or sprinkles!

        I remember that I always specifically requested (per my mom’s asking, when ordering it from our local bakery), that my birthday cake have chocolate cake, fruit, and no frosting.

  2. Y’all tripping. Birthday cake flavored things are one of my top flavors for snacks. Few years ago there were birthday cake flipz and omg they were epic. I don’t eat vanilla cake with white icing for my birthday but who cares,great flavor for snacks. Birthday cake Annie’s bunny Graham’s are also one of my favorite snacks. You guys thought to much about this lol

    1. Literally!! Like I love vanilla cake and sprinkles even as an adult! It’s a classic flavor, so delicious.

  3. Must try….hopefully Walmart will have some. Bars are going crazy this past year! fruit loops, golden graham s’mores, Frosted Flakes, caramel Krispie treats, Cocoa Puffs, etc. I kind of love the trend. The homestyle Krispie treats rule. I’m a sucker for pre-proportioned goodies due to an utter lack of self control.

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