SPOTTED: Mtn Dew Zero Sugar Spark

Mtn Dew Zero Sugar Spark

If you haven’t checked off Mtn Dew Spark from your Mtn Dew bucket list because it was a Speedway exclusive and you were nowhere near one, you’ll be happy to learn that it’ll be available nationwide this year very soon. But here’s the zero sugar version, if you also have that on your Mtn Dew bucket list. (Spotted by Bob K at Walmart.)

12 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Mtn Dew Zero Sugar Spark”

  1. Yes, the reason I hadn’t tried it before was because there was not a zero version. Now that there is, I’m on a mission to find it. Major Melon Zero might just be the best thing mountain dew had ever created.

  2. Haven’t seen this one anywhere but agree with Sascha that Major Melon Zero Sugar is most probably the most delicious sugar free soda that there ever was and I now keep four cases at all times ……..Just Love It and May It Stay Forever

    1. Have tried one more. Not going to replace Major Melon at the top of the mountain, but it was quite good.

  3. In Kentucky last weekend Walmart had both versions in 20oz displays by the checkouts. I got one to try and even said to my boyfriend wow I thought this was a speedway exclusive!

  4. I can’t eat faux sugars (my stomach goes nuts) but I’m glad the regular version might show up in a store I can access!

  5. I was apprehensive to buy a full box so I bought a 20 oz bottle first. I liked it and now I’m working on a whole box. As a diabetic it’s nice to have another flavor option.

  6. I wish they would make Zero Sugar versions of Code Red (the diet version is good, but incredibly hard to find) and the old Mtn Dew LiveWire. I’m glad to see Zero Sugar versions of these newer flavors, but they’re just not flavors I enjoy.

  7. I was surprised to find this at Giant at Beltway Plaza in Greenbelt, MD yesterday. I tried the speedway exclusive after spending hours driving w/hubby in VA trying to find it. It was good but not nearly worth the effort (and GAS) it took to find it. So I just knew I’d never see this as zero sugar brands are suddenly now hard to find in the DC metro area. I found this while trying to find Coke zero sugar cherry since I can’t find my preferred brand, Diet Pepsi wild cherry. Supply chain/pandemic issues are making soft drinks ridiculously hard to find. P.S. If I had been looking for this, I would never find it.

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