SPOTTED: Cheez-It Puff’d

Cheez It Puff d White Cheddar

Cheez It Puff d Scorchin Hot Cheddar

There’s also a Double Cheese flavor. So now there’s Snap’d and Puff’d. Anyone want to guess what the next apostrophe D snack from Cheez-It will be? (Spotted by Sarah D at Meijer.)

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Cheez-It Puff’d”

  1. Crack’d? Not sure what those would entail, mind you. Then again, I don’t get why Snap’d snacks are called that, either.

    On second thought: Crack’d could simply be called that because they’re crackers, right? Works, in my head, anyway.

  2. These look like a new version of the Cheez-It Crunch’d varieties that were out several years ago.

  3. Cheez-It Smash’d. It’s a bag full of just the crumbs that inevitably occur during the manufacturing process.

  4. So at first I thought these were going to be a different kind of cheeto, but the texture is identical to those puffed corn, but with a lot of cheese flavor. These are fun to bite into. 1 Bag wasn’t enough for me.

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