SPOTTED: Brach’s Funfetti Jelly Beans

Brach s Funfetti Jelly Beans

I’m not into baking, so I don’t know if jelly beans can be baked into cookies or cakes? If they can be, I think I might get into baking. (Spotted by Robbie at Big Lots.)

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Brach’s Funfetti Jelly Beans”

  1. I don’t know what kind of results you would get if the jelly beans actually went into the oven. But you could take out some sugar cookies and while they are still warm, push some jelly beans into them. My mother used jelly beans on top of cupcakes too, the icing kept them from rolling off.

    1. Story time!

      My grandmother was born in 1909, so even in the 1980s, Skittles were a newfangled thing for her. In form, they are like M&Ms, and she did recognize they were fruit flavored. So, because M&M cookies were a thing at the store in the 1980s, she used transitive logic and went “I shall make Skittle cookies!” And she did.

      Unfortunately, the form factor is not the operative factor when baking. The ingredient factor is operative. If you apply heat to a sugar candy, it melts. If you then let it cool, it, like cooled sugar, hardens. Skittle cookies gives you cookie around oddly shaped pieces of hard candy.

      Do not put the jelly beans in the oven.

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