SPOTTED: Moon Pie Snack Puffs

Moon Pie Banana Snack Puffs

Moon Pie Vanilla Snack Puffs

Moon Pie Salted Caramel Snack Puffs

There’s also a strawberry chocolate flavor. But my banana Runts loving heart, um, stomach, really wants to try the banana one. (Spotted by @ReneBarba89 at 99 Cent Only Store.)

11 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Moon Pie Snack Puffs”

  1. Oh, yes…I want the banana one, too! Incidentally, I also agree that banana Runts are the bomb! I always pick them out and eat them first. Come to think of it, they need an all-banana Runts edition, if you ask me. I would be alllll over that.

    1. Banana Runts! I love those things. It always makes me think of Bananas & Cream Oatmeal, which they typically (cruelly) only include two of in a variety oatmeal box. You can get boxes of strawberries & Cream, or boxes of peaches & cream, but not boxes of bananas & cream, Boo!

      I have never seen these moon pie puffs before – are they like chips, or more like chocolate bites with added flavoring? When I think “puffs” I usually think cheese puffs/cheetos/etc.

      1. You, sir or madam, are definitely speaking my language! I love bananas and cream oatmeal! Have you had the Great Value Fruit and Cream Oatmeal Variety pack? Unlike some GV items, it is absolutely worth buying, IMHO. In fact, I have never bought the Quaker F&C oatmeal after I tried the GV F&C oatmeal, to save money. The Archer Farms (Target) F&C oatmeal sucks, though.

  2. If you tossed the banana ones in a bag with either a little cocoa powder, or peanut butter powder, it might be interesting

  3. I know I will never find these…no doubt I’d love them. I’ll try but a quick check on amazon came up with nothing. One can hope!

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