SPOTTED: H-E-B Limited Edition Vanilla Milkshake Potato Chips

H E B Limited Edition Vanilla Milkshake Wavy Potato Chips

I really want more ice cream flavors with potato chips in them. But after seeing this, I kind of want more potato chips with ice cream flavors. (Spotted by Robbie at H-E-B.)

20 thoughts to “SPOTTED: H-E-B Limited Edition Vanilla Milkshake Potato Chips”

  1. I can’t even fathom how these must taste? Are they sweet? Are they salty? What the heck?

    1. They taste like when you put vanilla ice cream on a chip (if you ever do that lol). I liked them. I’ve been lucky to try almost all the “do us a flavor” chips and most were alright. These taste pretty accurate for a store brand chip!

      1. Hmmm…thanks, for weighing in. I’ve got to admit, I’m still rather confuzzled by this flavor. And, unfortunately, since I am nowhere near an H-E-B market, I’ll never even have the chance to try them.

        (Not being anywhere close to Texas, where they’re exclusively located is generally a bummer; I have seen so many interesting and yummy-looking H-E-B-exclusive items on here, over time. There were just two or three awesome- and unique-sounding other potato chips shown in the “Spotted” section, just earlier today. I’d sooo love to try those, but I’m, once again, SOL. lol)

        1. Lol yes! I feel the same with other regional stores! I wouldn’t have jumped at the chips quickly, but my 5 year old was like get them dad! The pizza ones are a little salty and I have the chicken ones in the pantry.

          1. Yesss…I SO would love to try the pizza ones, and even more so the chicken ones! (And, for the record, I’m a salt-aholic…so love and crave all things salty.) You and your little one will have to enjoy them for me, I guess. 🙂

    2. It’s weird, in a good way!
      Some people dip fries in milk shakes. Well, this is like a chip version.
      They’re sweet & salty.
      It’s worth trying them. It’s fun.

      1. I wish I could try them; I love checking out new/novelty snack foods. (Hence why I’ve become addicted to this food blog, I presume; it’s the only food blog I have ever frequented, and most certainly the only one I have ever taken the time to comment on.)

        Darn regional-only stores! [shakes fist]

      2. I’m still predicting that Korean honey butter chips are on their way to popularity and production in the U.S.

        I’m a huge fan of salty and sweet etc. and just have never really understood or cared for the whole fries in Frosty’s thing. If anything, I’d rather sprinkle some flaked sea salt in a milkshake.

        1. (Lol, I just made a miso butterscotch pie and a salty honey pie this evening for “Pi Day.” So yeah…salty sweet for the win!)

  2. @Tamme. I don’t know why in the F Holly May thinks that we’re the same person. You actually prefer salty over sweet?! What the hell?! I’m like Michael from the movie Michael. I’d happily put sugar on my Frosted Flakes, LOL.

    1. hehehe Right?? I was surprised by that. Another reason: You hate coffee, and I’m aghast at that weirdness! bahahaha

      It’s due to the other, notable ways in which we are similar…which I totally get.

      But you love sweet and hate coffee; I love salty and love coffee. Polar opposites, in those two (big) areas! LOL

      1. I think I got a little confused by one of the responses left by one of ya in the comment thread that seemed like someone was answering a question directed at the other or something like that. Meh, pays me no nevermind!

      2. Yep, those are absolutely polar opposites, but despite the fact that you love coffee and I love tea, we could be friends, as long as you love animals, that is. 😛

        1. Well, I especially adore cats…but, yeah, I’ve always been an animal-lover, in general. Heck, they’re better than a lot of people I know! 😛

          1. “ I’ve always been an animal-lover, in general. Heck, they’re better than a lot of people I know!” DAMN RIGHT!!!!! You should come to my house sometime. I have five cats. 😀

  3. @Jane: It wouldn’t let me reply directly to your last comment, for some odd reason; the “Reply” button was missing.

    At any rate:
    Five kitties?? I AM SO THERE! 😀

  4. These chips are absolutely FANTASTIC! I could eat the whole bag! A co-worker brought them in and they did not last long at all! I NEED more but can’t find them! HEB needs to put these in all of their stores!!

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