SPOTTED: M&M’s Munchums

Milk Chocolate M M s Munchums

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

There’s also a salted caramel variety. Right now, they’re only available via the M&M’s website, at M&M’s Las Vegas, and select Walmart and Wegmans stores. I should note that chickpea flour is one of the ingredients in that crunchy baked shell. (Spotted by Jenn H at Wegmans.)

9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: M&M’s Munchums”

  1. Oh crap… someone was just talking about how they should make this a thing the other day.

  2. I’ve read about these on countless websites since the announcement and I’m still not totally clear on what they are. Looking forward to reviews with great photos.

    1. From what I’ve read they contain 40% less sugar and are gluten free. So what I make of it is that they are being pushed as more of a “snacking” item versus a “candy.” Round them out by advertising baked and playing up on the gluten free factor.

      1. Yes, I have read this as well but it still doesn’t really explain what they are. The composition is not the same as the OG.

        1. The website says salted caramel crispy center. And of course out of stock. Even at the M&ms store.

  3. I hope they sell it in M&Ms world NYC into the bulk tubes. So I can nibble without committing to entire bag.

  4. Well let’s see if Walmart is smart enough to carry these. Crossing my fingers. I wonder if the shells are like the olden Boston baked beans candy.

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