BACK ON SHELVES: Dr Pepper Dark Berry (2022)

Dr Pepper Dark Berry  2022

If I remember correctly, when Dr Pepper Dark Berry made its debut a few years ago, it also promoted a movie. With a name like Dark Berry, I’m pretty sure it was a Batman movie. ::Checks Google:: Nope. I’m wrong. A Spiderman movie. Dr Pepper Dark Berry is also available in cans and there’s a zero sugar version. (Spotted by @nickinpgh at Kuhn’s Market.)

7 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Dr Pepper Dark Berry (2022)”

  1. For those who have tried it this year, does it taste the same to you as it did in 2019? Something seems different to me but I can’t pinpoint it lol

  2. YES!! I still have 3 cans from the original run that I’ve been Gollum’ing away because I thought it’d never come back. If they make this an every few years LTO flavor I will be ecstatic. This is my favorite variant of Dr. Pepper! Now I just have to wait for it to become available in Alaska so….maybe in 2 months? lol

  3. I did some research, it turns out Mountain Dew had a Dark Berry for The Dark Knight Rises. I was also pretty certain that it was Dr. Pepper, but nope, it was Mountain Dew.

  4. Bought several cases. After the initial adjustment period (usually takes me 1-2 cans of soda after a dry spell to get a taste for it again) I found it to taste just like it did in 2019. Even compared it with a hoarded can from that time period. Still tastes like Dr Pepper & Blue Raspberry.

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