SPOTTED: Herr’s Flavored by Philly Potato Chips

Herr s  215 Special Sauce Potato Chips
Herr’s (215) Special Sauce Potato Chips
Herr s Wiz Wit Potato Chips
Herr’s Wiz Wit Potato Chips
Herr s Long Hots  Sharp Provolone Potato Chips
Herr’s Wiz Wit Potato Chips

According to Herr’s website, the (215) Special Sauce chip “starts with tangy tomato flavors and finishes with a mild vinegary heat,” the Wiz Wit chips “are drenched in delicious cheesy onion flavor with a bit of meat to match the cheesy goodness that oozes out of the back of your roll after your first bite,” and the Long Hots chip “delivers a bold roasted pepper flavor combined with notes of provolone cheese in the background with a mild heat that builds with each chip.” (Spotted by DJ at Redner’s.)

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Herr’s Flavored by Philly Potato Chips”

    1. Because in Philly, that’s how we order them. “Wiz Wit” (meaning a whiz WITH onions), or “Wiz Widdout” (no onions).

  1. Yeah. I’m just wondering why they didn’t combine all of the components for the complete sandwich. Guess they’re taking a deconstructed approach.

  2. Those Special Sauce chips remind of something I’ve wondered – why ketchup flavored chips aren’t common in the US. Ketchup chips are a thing in a lot of other places, ketchup is a super popular condiment in the US, and we love chips. And yet I’ve never seen ketchup chips here. It’s too bad because they’re delicious.

    1. I feel like other countries have a much better selection of flavours, a wider variety that doesn’t just play on novelty. The U.S. seems to just release too many “shock value” special releases and cycle through them too quickly or just take a flavour and add heat or an insane amount of heat to it. IMHO 🙂

      And interesting observation, you definitely have a point! I feel like they were fairly proliferant for a period years ago and guess they just ran their course. Ketchup chips on a burger? Yes please!

      p.s. Walker’s and/or Taytos prawn cocktail crisps for the win!

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