5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Nickelodeon Slime Cereal”

  1. Are these actually a different flavor from regular Apple Jacks? I am imagining this as akin to Sour Patch Cereal, which sounded awful.

    1. i was trying to figure that out too, based only on the boxes – reg Apple Jacks is “apple and cinnamon flavored” and the lil bits stuck on the rings are reddish in colour. Apple Jacks Slime variety only states “green apple flavored” and the lil bits are dark green. also – there’s no cinnamon listed as in ingredient in the Slime one (the original has it).
      so. different. but i’m super curious how different the green apple is vs original apple.

      1. I’m all for Granny Smith/AKA green apples, but I don’t really want a cereal that tastes like that. Gross…

  2. It’s actually a different flavor as the OG is apple cinnamon. I have always loved Apple Jacks but this green apple flavor does not sound appealing to me. Then again, I am not their target demographic.

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