SPOTTED: M&M’s Mad Scientist Mix

M M s Mad Scientist Mix

Combining Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Peanut M&M’s in the same bag isn’t insane, that’s just straight up smart. The Nobel Prize in M&M’s Mixing goes to the Orange M&M. (Spotted by Bob K at Giant Eagle.)

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: M&M’s Mad Scientist Mix”

  1. Sure, those are the best M&M varieties, but I hope that’s not the only Halloween edition they’re releasing this year. On the other hand, if they’d just be doing their thousandth iteration of the crispy center, maybe it’s best they sit this one out.

  2. Mad scientist? More like exceptionally dull scientist who hasn’t been published in a respectable journal within the past two decades, AM I RIGHT!?!?

  3. i can go to the bulk barn in Canada. and buy all three and mix them myself and probably get it cheaper.

  4. As someone who loves peanut butter, but hates peanuts (it’s a texture thing) I am underwhelmed.

  5. BORING! I could come up with better mix.

    How about a dang nougat M&Ms variety. Mix with peanut and caramel M&Ms. Call it like a snickers mix.

    How about taking some of the flavored ones and mix with each other?

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