SPOTTED: Hostess Bouncers (Glazed Twinkies, Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs, and Cinnamon Donettes)

Hostess Glazed Twinkies Bouncers

Hostess Glazed Cinnamon Ding Dongs and Cinnamon Donettes Bouncers

These should be placed near the entrance of every store they’re sold at. (Spotted by Erin at Jewel-Osco.)

10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Hostess Bouncers (Glazed Twinkies, Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs, and Cinnamon Donettes)”

  1. My initial comment to this was:
    “Color me confused, but: Why are they called ‘Bouncers’, and how do they differ from their respective, regular versions? The ‘Bouncers’ part particularly throws me off.”

    Then, I looked at the box fronts even closer, and I guess it’s because they’re different sizes and shapes. But the “Bouncer” name still begs the question, “Why?” Yes, they’re smaller and shaped differently…but their bottoms are flat. They would never have the ability to actually bounce (assuming they were made of rubber, or the like, of course), unless they were *round*. So, yeah, I still take a bit of umbrage, at that name.

  2. We picked up a package. Unbelievably sweet. Was just like eating a tablespoon of raw sugar.

    Just awful.

  3. They are terrible. Grainy texture (sugary)…..hardly any filling. So dry the outer chocolate crumbles everywhere. No taste at all…very blah! And I’m a long time hostess fan from the 60’s! These are awful…don’t bother.

  4. One more comment on the filling…it’s the size of a pea. Nothing like the picture.

  5. I have liked the ding dong ones, I thought they had a decent filling, and I don’t usually care much for ding dongs. I have the cupcakes all the time, and the ding dongs stacked up to the cupcakes. Next I’ll try the Twinkies.

  6. Bouncers are disgustingly sweet. They are covered with a sugar glaze and have nothing in the center. Dry, hard and awful. Do not waste your money on this crap.

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