SPOTTED: Yachty’s Pizzeria Pizza

Yachty s Pizzeria Pepperoni  Bacon Pizza

Yachty s Pizzeria Garden Veggie Supreme Pizza

Yachty s Pizzeria Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza

It makes me feel so old when I have to look up who someone is. But if you’re like me and didn’t know who he was, I’ll let you know that Lil Yachty is a rapper. I’ll also let you know that, along with these three shown, there’s a Hot Honey Cheese variety. (Spotted by Matt S and Amanda Y at Walmart.)

17 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Yachty’s Pizzeria Pizza”

  1. And for those of us who already knew who he was: we are shocked the pizza toppings included vegetables instead of Girl Scout Cookies, candy and whatever else an unsupervised 4 year old would use. His diet is horrible.

    1. I seen tik toks of people trying the pizza and everyone says it’s good. That’s the biggest shock for me.

      1. Pizza dough comes out soft, never crispy and pepperoni topping come out extra greasy….so if you enjoy your pizza soft n greasy than by all means have at it lol

    2. No idea who he is but we thought the pizzas looked good. So, we bought all 4. Just ate the Hot Honey Cheese and it was great.

    1. That’s what I thought. Then I wondered if this “Yachty” guy was a character from it or something. Maybe these pizzas are produced by the same company.

    2. They look similar, but they’re different
      Yachty’s is made by Richelieu Foods, which makes pizzas for a lot of store brands. The Stranger Things pizza is made by Palermo’s

  2. most of the topping varieties aren’t of interest to me, but the cheddar cheese seasoned crust made my eyes light up. i’d be into getting the vegetable one (hot cheddar cheese? yum.) and adding sausage or chicken to it.
    (i looove chicken on pizza, but dislike bbq versions and detest anything buffalo-ish.)

          1. i actually didn’t think i liked chicken wings for 25+ years cause they were always buffalo sauced.
            the last 10-15 years have proven that i loooove crispy fried or baked versions of many varieties. plain or garlicky are my go-to. Little Star Pizza in SF has the most amazing dry rub, spicy, baked meaty wings. haven’t had em since 2016 and i still think about them ~monthly. sigh.

          2. Hehe. I just don’t care for the taste at all, blech! 🙂 Smoked wings or tossed in some sorta of garlic parm or teriyaki if I ever have them…which is a once in a blue moon craving for me. And I bet that next you’re going to say that the drums are superior to the flats. 😉 It’s ok, I still like and accept you!

      1. I hate buffalo wings or any legitimate buffalo sauce, but oddly I LOVE Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch Doritos.

  3. I had the yatchy jalapeno hot honey pizza and it was trash,the first pizza I couldn’t eat. The cheddar crust isn’t real lol and it tastes like normal crust

  4. Interesting. Seems like Wal-mart has some sort of branding plan to just rebrand their own brand of frozen pizzas throughout the year because I’m 99% sure these are just the Stranger Things-themed pizzas they had recently in a different box.

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