SPOTTED: Blue Diamond Snickerdoodle and Peppermint Cocoa Almonds

Blue Diamond Snickerdoodle Almonds

Blue Diamond Peppermint Cocoa Almonds

These flavors look nice, but what’s naughty about them? Well, I guess snickerdoodle does sound like a naughty word used in the 1920s. (Spotted by Robbie at Big Lots.)

2 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Blue Diamond Snickerdoodle and Peppermint Cocoa Almonds”

  1. The cocco peppermint are shockingly good. The mint is soft. This isn’t a York Peppermint patty, more like chocolate bark with some candy cane crumbs. That’s the flavor of these almonds.
    I’m not a 1920’s bad girl, so I didn’t try the snickerdoodle

  2. I’m a major Blue Diamond almond fan. Love the Snickerdoodle and hope they keep it beyond the holidays. It really is different from their other sweet options. If you like Snickerdoodle cookies and you like almonds, try this if you find it. I had to order from Amazon.

    The Peppermint Cocoa is okay, but I’m not a big chocolate fan so I would give more credence to the post by the chocolate lover. I was sent two cans by mistake when I was trying to order more Snickerdoodle, sigh. But I’ll eat them anyway! They aren’t bad, but just aren’t Snickerdoodle… Not their fault, they were born that way.

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