PRIZE DRAWING: Accumulated Swag Mystery Box Giveaway (Fall 2022 Edition)

It’s another Accumulated Swag Mystery Box Giveaway!

In two previous giveaways, I attempted to drum up some excitement for the mystery box by mentioning that a white plastic bowl would be included. If you didn’t participate in those giveaways because of the white plastic bowl, I’m happy to announce that this box does not have one. Instead, it has a blue plastic bowl! Blue! How cool is that?


Of course, there are many other things inside the box, and to have an opportunity to find out what they are, you should enter our Accumulated Swag Mystery Box Giveaway.


To enter this prize drawing for the Accumulated Swag Mystery Box, leave a comment with THIS post, and that comment MUST include the word “huitlacoche.” It’s a fungus that grows on corn, and cooks in Mexico use it to flavor food.

Remember to fill out the email field because we’ll be emailing the randomly selected winner for their mailing addresses.

We will stop accepting entries on Friday, December 2, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment is allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents.


If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up, it ended up in our comment spam or trash folder for some strange reason. There’s no need to attempt to post another comment because I’ll be pulling those out of the comment spam vortex regularly.

Do not leave your comment using the blue REPLY button at the bottom of other comments. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave your comment in the section above the blue POST COMMENT button. You might think it’s a lot of scrolling, but it’ll be worth it if you win that blue plastic bowl.

Good luck!


The Impulsive Buy won’t use your email address to send you emails regarding cryptocurrency or use your mailing address to send you the cereal sand from the bottom of a Cheerios box. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or you not getting a white plastic bowl.

328 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Accumulated Swag Mystery Box Giveaway (Fall 2022 Edition)”

  1. huitlacoche sounds interesting but look a bit not yummy. But. I’m sure some hot sauce and cheese can fix that.

  2. The first season of Below Deck Down Under, the chef served huitlacoche tacos. He was a jerk anyway, but huitalcoche in Australia? That doesn’t make any sense. Why travel to Australia to have a Mexican food?

    he wasn’t a popular chef.

  3. I had huitlacoche when I was a kid and it itched but put some ointment on it and haven’t had it since! ?

  4. Coming in 2023… New Taco Bell Huitlacoche Chalupas… Try them with Beef, Chicken or Steak as part of the $6 Huitlacoche Box!

  5. Considering my love of mushrooms, I probably would use huitlacoche because I’m a fun guy. Or gal. Whatever.

  6. I never used to know what huitlacoche was, but I’m fascinated by it. I’d be curious to taste it one day if I ever get the chance.

  7. Huitlacoche.. Supposedly a delicacy but I seen a video on it and all I could think of was hell-huitlacoche-to-the-no lol

  8. Huitlacoche is quite the word isn’t it? I’ve officially added it to my vocabulary but I’m sure I will never use it how it’s intended. Good luck food lovers.

  9. Huitlacoche, a new word for me. I’d maybe be brave enough one day to try it cooked in a dish.

  10. huitlacoche Will I try it and place it in my BLUE bowl rather then white, I wholeheartedly agree! Nuff said,send me my grab bag of delicious food!

  11. Huitlacoche is also the name of my shiny Snorunt in Pokemon!
    It’s a fungus that grows on corn, and cooks in Mexico use it to flavor food.

  12. I love corn, so I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy huitlacoche as well. Happy Holidays and thanks for alerting all of us to the best new products out there! Jim

  13. Looking at a picture of huitlacoche, it doesn’t appear to be something that one would eat on purpose. But what do I know? I’m stuffing my face with a Three Musketeers while reading a junk food blog.

  14. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to spell huitlacoche on my own but learned something new today – thanks for the giveaway!

  15. The newest ‘it’ flavor is “huitlacoche” It’s a fungus that grows on corn, and cooks in Mexico use it to flavor food, and its delicious! Expect it to be everywhere in 2023 from a limited edition Lay’s chip flavor to a exclusive M&M’s candy (with cashews inside) and KitKats covered in Mexican mole with huitlacoche crème filling.

  16. Huitlacoche:
    It’s nutty, earthy, with a strong flavor (Andrew Zimmern)
    It’s very expensive, my friends can afford it, you will never be able to (Anthony Bourdain)
    Wow, wow, wow! (the vaguely blonde young guy that annoys everybody and chooses the most boring food)
    Throws her hair to the back – I remember like now, it was 1962, a year of famine, but in our castle, people refused to give up and compensated with small exotic pleasures (The Barefoot Contessa)
    You are to blame, you look like an idiot, anyway (Mary Berry)
    You mean I didn’t nail the recipe? Looks threatening and spits in the juror’s plate (Bobby Flay)
    You didn’t think I was humiliating you with mexican food, right? guys, guys, I only cook american for my marlboro man – today we have tacos (the freckled lady looking like half of all southern women)
    The children will appreciate it, especially mixed with licorice and lemon spritz – smiles largely (Giada de Laurentis)
    So you put sugar in this sponge cake? Yes, you did? (Aaron Sanchez)
    Yes, I should have probably tried the huitlacoche first, and then the tequila (Rachel Khoo)

  17. I could really use a blue keto bowl to hold my huitlacoche. I mean who doesn’t want a bowl of corn fungus. Yum!

  18. Funny, the other day I was thinking about the time I had that soup with the huitlacoche in it, it was delicious!

  19. As Alan Jackson says “ Way down yonder on the huitlacoche, it gets hotter than a hoochie coochie.”

  20. I had to look up what huitlacoche meant, because I forgot what it meant, thinking maybe it was “corn porn” but it wasn’t. I was close though – “corn smut”.

  21. I’ve heard of huitlacoche and I have even seen people use it…but the thought of it still grosses me out. I’m the same way with mushrooms…ugh.

  22. Mr. Huitlacoche always had a question on his final test asking his students to spell his name correctly. It didn’t go well for the students XD. (thanks for doing the giveaway btw 😀 )

  23. I have never tried huitlacoche to be honest, I wonder what it tastes like? Good luck to everyone out there!

    1. Never tried huitlacoche but your description makes me think of something truffle-esque. Would love to win, Thanks!

  24. Hmmm. Let’s try some huitlacoche. Sounds like something Trader Joe’s would sell and I would of course try it.

  25. Huitlacoche? I would give it a try!
    Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays! And LOTS of good food of course!

  26. I’ve had a huitlacoche dish before, I wasn’t a fan. It’s a texture thing for me, though the visual didn’t help either.

    1. Marvo, I want your genitals in a blue plastic bowl filled to the brim with huitlacoche. It’s the new dick in a box and it’s the hottest gift this holiday season.

  27. Another name for Huitlacoche is “corn smut”. I’m not sure which sounds better, but it doesn’t sound like something I’d want to try.

  28. I had an Uncle who died to bad huitlacoche. It was tragic and every memory of it empties my soul a little more….
    Hope I win!

  29. Oh boy, “huitlacoche”. The devil’s smut, I believe one website called it. I’ll eat a lot of questionable food stuffs but that’s one even I’m not brave enough to try! I’ll stick to the food y’all review on here, and is in my area!

  30. Huitlacoche is not something I’ve ever had, but I’m happy to have learned what it is. Thanks for the opportunity to win this box and to get some interesting info.

  31. My son refuses to eat mushrooms. Since they are a fungi, I don’t think huitlacoche will make the cut in the next stew I cook.

  32. I’ve always been intrigued as to what huitlacoche tasted like! Sounds like it’ll be musty, I mean, it is called ‘corn smut’ for a reason!!!

  33. Never heard of huitlacoche until today, but it sounds interesting. Not sure if I’d want to try it though, maybe you could do a Review? 😉

  34. I wonder how long until Trader Joe’s does a line of foods and snacks featuring huitlacoche. I’d buy it all.

  35. Plastic bowls are always needed with toddlers! Won’t find huitlacoche in our food unless it tastes like ketchup. Haha

  36. I didn’t know there was a fungus/mushroom called huitlacoche! I love learning new things 😀 thank you for introducing me to the fact!

  37. Watching all that huitlacoche gave Marvo a bad case of Blue Bowls, which he passed on to his readers

  38. I’ve always found the way humans must have trial-and-errored their way through things like huitlacoche and ergot and rennet fascinating.

  39. Huitlacoche is slightly too high in carbs for me to consume frequently.
    (PS: Thanks for bringing me so much food news. Had to move to backwater for family responsibilities so your work is one of the few ways to see what’s new and might be coming this way in a couple years!!!!)

  40. I haven’t tried anything flavored with huitlacoche, but I’d be up to it if it were ever offered to me.

  41. No one better ever tell me they used huitlacoche in any food I’m eating; heck I’m the one who doesn’t like their food to touch other food on the plate. :o)

  42. I hope this box doesn’t contain huitlacoche, although nothing would surprise me from ya’ll! Happy holidays

  43. Huitlacoche kinda sounds like an Alan Jackson song. I do want to try it someday, it looks interesting!

  44. I first ate huitlacoche in tacos in Mexico City in 1973 when I lived there for the summer and attended summer school at the National University. I had no idea what it was, but it tasted delicious, like a cross between corn and mushrooms. Eventually, I found out that it was a fungus that grows on ears of corn and is also called “corn smut.” That didn’t help me to appreciate it more, but it is delicious and considered a delicacy in Mexican cooking.

  45. Huitlacoche was recently an ingredient on (I think it was) Bobby Flay’s Triple Threat. How weird is that?

  46. My son from another is from Mexico and uses this huitlacoche in his cooking much better than it sounds

  47. This looks like a great mystery box especially with a blue bowl! I have seen huitlacoche at the farms markets but I’ve never been brave enough to try it. It looks interesting. Have a wonderful day!

  48. Searching huitlacoche, found a recipe for huitlacoche tacos, which honestly don’t look too bad!

  49. not only is it a bowl, it’s a KETO bowl which seems perfectly appropriate for this website 🙂

    at least i won’t store my huitlacoche in this bowl, should i win…

  50. Huitlacoche sounds fascinating. Thank you for keeping me entertained and on the hunt for food stuffs!

  51. I’d like that blue bowl for when I’m cooking with huitlacoche. Ha ha. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. You’ve explained what huitlacoche is, but it just makes me think that someone is scraping off one of the things from The Last of Us. I’m weird, okay?

  53. “Wanna know a good way to get a bunch of people to say ‘ huitlacoche?’
    Let’s just make it a code word in a giveaway” – someone at theimpulsivebuy HQ

    Lol, goodluck everyone. huitlacoche to you all

  54. Now bring us the huitlacoche,
    Now bring us the huitlacoche,
    Now bring us the huitlacoche, now bring it right here.

    We won’t go until we get some,
    We won’t go until we get some…

    (Inspired by the figgy pudding SPAM review)

  55. I would love to be entered in the giveaway…may you have a merry huitlacoche and a happy new year!!

  56. huitlacoche may sound strange buy every culture has their own regional foods, be open to trying new things.

  57. Not even 100% sure huitlacoche is a real thing. But I’d like to enter a contest just for the hell of it.

  58. A blue bowl is a little bit more cool. I’ve never heard of huitlacoche but now I’m stuck wondering what that tastes like.

    1. It was a bad day today when the doctor came in the room and said it was “huitlacoche.’ How will I explain this to my wife?

  59. I would never have known about the Figgy pudding SPAM without this blog.

    Have you ever tried huitlacoche? I’ve seen it on Top Chef but not in real life.

    I’d really like that blue bowl, btw.

  60. I’ve been frequenting this site for almost 10 years and it’s probably the reason why I’m overweight. From Shaq Juice to SPAM Figgy pudding, I’ve tried lots of what I’ve seen. But huitlacoche is where I draw the line.

  61. I had some corns on my feet and the doctor said they had a fungus on them. I wonder if it is huitlacoche!

  62. huitlacoche

    Sweet, yeah, really.
    I love this website.
    I too live on the rock in the middle of the Pacific.

  63. I’ve never had huitlacoche before. Nor have I won a swag box from the Impulsive Buy before. But that is a pretty sweet blue plastic bowl.

  64. Seeing the word huitlacoche instantly gets the 1992 hit “Chattahoochee” stuck in my head.

  65. I don’t give a huitlacoche, whether you like it or not, but you’re gonna like it!

  66. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all around. You do the huitlacoche and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about!

  67. I’m even more excited about the blue bowl than the huitlacoche! Thanks for doing this Marvo, happy holidays!!

  68. I had to look up huitlacoche and was delighted to find that it was also known as corn smut.

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