SPOTTED: Post Limited Edition Disney 100 Years of Wonder Confetti Cake Cereal

Happy 100th Birthday, Disney! Ya old. But ya not as old as Post, which is 128 years old. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Post Limited Edition Disney 100 Years of Wonder Confetti Cake Cereal”

  1. Some of the photos on this site are “window-boxed,” and I’m not sure why that needs to happen. Quite annoying, and distracting.

    1. I personally don’t care for it and honestly though it doesn’t ruffle my feathers or put me in a tizzy…too many other things in life to really be concerned about! To each their own though.

      I think that Robbie just really likes doing that and very much so enjoys his contributions to the site; and that makes me happy to feel like/hope that he gets as much joy out of this as I think that he does! He’s a massive “SPOTTED” spotter and it seems like a lot of other people in the community also notice and appreciate the time he spends seeking!

    1. “Why don’t you eat just one or two, dear?”

      “They’re the wrong SHAPE.”

      “Oh, dear… What shape you usually have? Mickey Mouse shape? Smarties shape? Amphibious landing-craft shape? Poke-in-the-eye shape?”

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