SPOTTED: Twix Cookie Dough and Milky Way Cookie Dough

If you’d like a review of the Twix Cookie Dough, here you go. What about the Milky Way Cookie Dough? Sorry, we don’t have a review for it. Just kidding. Here you go. (Spotted by Bryan C at Walmart.)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Twix Cookie Dough and Milky Way Cookie Dough”

  1. I spotted the Twix version at my local Circle K (convenience store). Tempted, but I have so much leftover holiday sweetness that I didn’t.

  2. neither tasted overwhelmingly like cookie dough. in terms of cookie dough the twix was better, but overall i enjoyed the milky way or as i know them in Canada. Mars bar more as a chocolate bar. the best cookie dough treat which i cannot find anymore is cadbury chips ahoy cookie dough eggs.

    1. I just tried the Twix version and agree. It was tasty, like they always are, and didn’t scream extraordinary. Nothing to write home about. I haven’t seen the Milky Way version around yet and will pick it up if I do because at least it’s not going to disappoint as a nice chocolate bar treat even if it doesn’t deliver on “cookie dough.”

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