SPOTTED: Peeps Easter Essentials A PEEPStastic Assortment

I have a silly idea. We should all start East-er-Treating. People dress up as bunnies and chicks, go to other peoples’ houses, say East-er-Treat, and be handed a Peep. Oh wait. Did I say silly idea? I meant totally horrible idea that should be completely erased from your brains and never mentioned again. (Spotted by Robbie at Sam’s Club.)

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Peeps Easter Essentials A PEEPStastic Assortment”

  1. Oh, I so need this! I am obsessed with Peeps. Yeah, it’s a weird obsession, but I love the spongey texture and the crunchy sugar on the outside.

  2. Here in Sweden, easter is the traditional ”trick-or-treating” holiday. Children dressed as witches (often on broomsticks) walk around the neighborhood getting candy, often in exchange for homemade eastercards.

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